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wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
quick review:

Dum Maaro Dum makes a crime thriller as disinteresting as it could be. The lines are limp and the situations are far from creative. The plot is strung together with a series of events that have no flow.



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This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Plot Summary

ACP Kamath (Abhishek Bachchan) is made in-charge of making Goa drug-free. His endeavours with drug peddlars, warlords and unsuspecting, innocent bystanders who are caught in the drug-web.

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • The very basic plot of a corrupt police-officers sudden urge to do good.
  • Mercy's story around his name.
  • Just a 4-man army to cleanse Goa of its drug problems? Really now?
  • The whole suspense around Michael Barbossa and the repetition - just didn’t arouse any curiosity at all.
  • The party scene between Aditya Pancholi and Abhishek Bachcan - what did it achieve?