Dostana - Preview

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With friends like these who needs enemies? A few laughs set aside, this one has a shallow attitude towards friendship, parenting, love and of course gay people.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering how badly homosexuals are going to be laughed at this time around...

As if it weren't enough how gay people are used as snigger-triggers in Hindi movies, we have a full-blown, star-studded feature film whose sole intention seems to be exactly that. But, good as we are at not pronouncing the judgment before fair trial, the following snippets give hope -

Director on the official site says that his movie is about relationships and more importantly friendships -

friendship is just like love. Unexplainable, Complicated and Predictable.

I keep reminding myself that this could very well be more about friendships than the friends pretending to be gay. Though buzz like this article in Times of India claims -

Priyadarshan was impressed with the subject of the movie and chipped in, “In Kollywood, one of the cardinal rules is not to discuss or show gay relationships on screen,” adding, “I’m eagerly waiting to watch Dostana.”


Karan Johar on his television programme said, “Dostana is trying to push the boundaries of male bonding, never seen before in Hindi cinema. The subject of gay bonding has been a taboo.”

Male-bonding is fine, "gay-bonding" - what in heaven's name is that supposed to mean? Somehow it gives me the feel that the characters being gay is more a marketing strategy than the "need of the script". Of course, these are just feelings without watching the movie. For all I know the movie might completely surprise us by bringing decent insights into friendships while respecting homosexuals and their lifestyles.

Meanwhile I share Sakshi's skepticism -

I pray that the film doesn’t turn out to be as tasteless as most of their previous gay adaptations