Dhobi Ghat - Preview

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It's different, it's sincere, it's inconclusive, it's abstract in its own way. It's intriguing and it leaves you dissatisfied. It has brilliant performances along with some bits of Aamir Khan being Aamir Khan. It is a mellow affair that's soothing yet unnerving.



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The tagline/alternate name 'Mumbai Diaries' along with what you see in the promos scream - a film set in the city of dreams, which is also the big, bad city. One more film named after another popular location in Mumbai, Bhindi Bazaar - Bhindi Bazaar Inc. is going to be added to this already over-crowded space of Mumbai's underbelly.

Mumbai is cruel yet she can be warm. We know this. Does Kiran Rao & co. have anything new to say, or do they say it in a different way at least? The first promo offers hope. The promos structure itself is intriguing. And the music sticks.

Note how there is absolutely nothing new about the way Mumbai is shot or presented. Nor does it promise to be a 'different' story. It actually clearly indicates that it just might be a boy-meets-girl-meets-boy-meets-girl story. And yet, there is something very engaging about the way it is done. And the hope is that the film will do the same.

The promo was loved by many and did its rounds on Facebook and twitter. And like with any other Aamir Khan product, the expectations are extremely high. With him we have come to expect a sophisticated film. And with every word that he says to belittle our intelligence his own words those expectations only go higher.

You see a glimpse of the smugness in the following video. Only to be completely taken over by how they found one of their main leads.

That's the thing about a film Aamir Khan is associated with, it has that something extra to look forward to despite the 'smarter-than-thou' way in which it is dealt out.

And here's the biggest surprise of them all. In the day and age where Hindi movies are known to rake in the moolah with sale of music albums, Dhobi Ghat doesn't have a music album at all! Now that's being 'different' even by Aamir standards!