Review - Detective Nani: exposes issue too big for kids

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The subject is a heavy one for kids and the film portrays a serious issue in a way that doesn't engage adults. So, it misses both the potential target audiences. Also, the social issue is touched upon superficially.



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Wogma Review

I want to conduct a poll. Did you think the name Detective Nani and the promos imply that the film is made for kids? Yes +1. That's mine.

Well, I saw it and I thought we were heavily misled. The film is hardly for kids. If at all, it could be for kids above 12 to sensitize them to conditions that some unfortunate children live in. I won't get any more specific because the film tries to be sort-of secretive about its intentions well past half-way. Rest assured that kids are going to have tons of uncomfortable questions. But, also rest assured those questions are not going to be about the dreaded three-letter word.

Add to that the wanna-be cute songs and the so-humorless hour in between. Certainly not a kid-pleaser. The annoying thing is its not even made with the intention to entertain or enlighten adults. Adults know about the peddlers in our society. We've heard enough stories of supposedly well-meaning outfits being involved. There's no more insight or discovery undiscovered here. And it's all done in a very lackluster manner too.

And yet the story is complicated enough to hold interest if one is really keen to. It's not a complete write-off. But there's no detailed characterization here. For example, you don't even get a glimpse of the motivations of the villains. They are there and they are evil. Enough said.

None of the actors do a half-decent job of acting either. It's full of perfunctory and "oh, I'm before the camera" performances. Almost two and a half hours of amateur acting does get pretty tedious. There is a one-odd line that's funny and evokes a smile, but too few and thus very far in between to please anyone.

I was actually hoping for something that I could take my kids for on a hot summer afternoon, a day of vacation well-spent. But, no. It's neither sweet enough for the kids, nor mean enough for the adults.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None
  • Language: No profanity
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None
  • Concept: Kids being kidnapped and misused.

Detective Nani - Trailer

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