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Delhi Safari has great animation, especially some of the 3D bits, even if it is way behind in some areas. But writing in terms of both plot and dialogue are huge let downs.



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62 tweeters have given Delhi Safari an average rating of 4.7/5.0(?)

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  • VVF47_MUFC: My cousin took us to some kindergarten 3D movie called delhi safari #fulldayheadacheonly She is 23 :|
  • VinnilM: Super dialogues by @zmilap in Delhi Safari,very nice film,son loved it,wonder whn does Milap write films seeing the amount he tweets
  • velvetyvirgo: Aaj Delhi Safari dekh kar by god aansu aaj gaye... khushi ke! Must watch #DelhiSafari
  • Varunol: Two totally unconventional films by Indian standards - Makkhi & Delhi Safari. Nice VFX work, combined with even nicer storytelling.
  • TimeToScoot: Delhi Safari turned out to be a fantastic movie. Totally taken aback by the superb quality of animation. Don't miss this one at any cost!
  • swapnine: Delhi Safari A must watch n treat fr all young n old alike with awesome animation,super direction + V.O.of mega stars. Cheers fr this Safari
  • sumitjetset: Delhi Safari faadu movie guys... :p they have put awesome effort ..... cool work :O
  • SubodhBhalla: Kids & wifey went for the movie Delhi Safari yesterday. Enjoyed it a lot & learnt the message too.
  • Snehalwit: A must watch movie for all Animated movie lovers " Delhi Safari" .. Loved it !!
  • shishiranimator: Delhi Safari.....a must watch Indian Animation Movie....nice
  • Shefalis9: Bihari monkey in Delhi Safari is cute :)
  • shaileshkapoor: All the best @nickadvani. Watched Delhi Safari a few wks back. Super cool animation quality and 3D the way 3D should be. Kids should love it
  • santakia: Go watch delhi safari guys:D #awesomeness #cute
  • safal_lfc: delhi safari is a good movie
  • Ronlind1: Delhi Safari 3D: Seriously Were u on Drugs when u made this cause if you were please continue having them and bring such beauty out
  • RN05NP: Delhi Safari worth a dekho... Kudos nikhil advani
  • r1kartik: The quality of Indian animation has always left lot 2 b desired. This is no different. Barely watchable DELHI SAFARI
  • Punch_a_Tantra: Movie Review: Delhi Safari! One Sweet Joy-Ride! via @IndianNerve
  • prashen: Delhi safari is good fun for kids. enjoyable for parents too. Can. E said first proper 3d animated film from India with new fictional story
  • nimesh_nagar: one Hindi film I really want my 6yr son to see is Delhi Safari by @nickadvani Guys, take ur kids 2 cinema next week & njoy their laughter
  • nayan2627: Delhi Safari gives Strong Message - Superb film by Nikhil Advani - Read Review here - @nickadvani @DelhiSafari
  • Navjotalive: Delhi Safari.2nd time & enjoyed even more.Well done @nickadvani . The man who made KHNH is back n how.Classic Storytelling as he would say!
  • Nams93: Delhi Safari- lovable!!
  • MrSukhdeep: Liked Delhi safari...Go watch it
  • Moon_lunaa: i think delhi safari is a good movie but the releasing date is wrong
  • mohi_rabby: Nice Movie Delhi Safari ..
  • MithunNair94: Watched Delhi Safari Movie.Good Movie With Good Humor.Kids will Love It.
  • MihirBijur: 2nd half of Delhi Safari is cute. The characters have all been given a very cute look. Lovely social messaging. Govinda is hilarious!!
  • mendonsuraj: Delhi safari is an awesome animated movies ...People please do watch it... The movie really shows us the way we have become in this life..
  • lovecinema3: watched delhi safari in delhi....landmark film for animation film genre...awsome ... @nickadvani
  • life365_daily: Delhi Safari first cartoon movie to be released in Oct in #Pune, bit of a drag in between but overall a good laugh
  • lalit_mahara: Just watched "Delhi Safari"..... It's an awesome animation movie, a fantabulous animation movie.....!!!!!...
  • LadyOldMonk: Okay people, go watch DELHI SAFARI. Like TODAY!
  • laddoo_: Delhi Safari, I found decent. Govinda, Akshay Khanna and Boman Irani were very good, there characters looked cute and funny.
  • kishan2008: Delhi Safari.. ossam mvieee
  • khan_mubin: Go on people, watch Delhi Safari rather than all the candyfloss you waste your money on
  • J_S_THAKUR: Watched "Delhi safari" nice animation, good dubbing by all artist although good mind blowing work.
  • jun6lee: Delhi Safari was typical in story, but loved the peppy humour, magical SEL music, and filmi chaska!
  • JoyAndLife: Delhi Safari=Delight Safari.. Story has a message. Second half completely grips. Drama, humour and depth. India's best animated movie!
  • jijojosein: "Delhi Safari is superb, entertaining, expressive, fun and a joy ride that shouldn’t be missed." #delhisafari
  • jiimmizz: Delhi safari is fun outing movie..!
  • Jayant0407: DELHI SAFARI offers something new on the platter. There's ample for the kids, but there's enough for the grown-ups as well.
  • IAmSudhirMishra: The. Rebirth of nik adwani Delhi Safari is warm stylish and very funny.The best ind.animation film ever.C it,take yr kids n tell a 100 more
  • grey_coin: And Delhi Safari is a must watch!!!
  • gianahuja: Delhi Safari is a good watch! Lots of kids and a housefull!
  • ghaywan: Take your kids to DELHI SAFARI! They'll have a blast! Nice Bollywood kitsch thrown in, not overly cute, and GOVINDA steals the show!
  • gauravchawla: Lion King,Finding Nemo,Shark's Tale, Ice Age-if you liked those movies,then DELHI SAFARI is the movie for you. Releasing Friday #mustwatch
  • Drutu: #'Delhi Safari' a decently crafted Hindi Animation should surely watch this!
  • DiveshIdnani:
  • CilemaSnob: Ws pleasantly surprised with Delhi Safari. The animation n 3d surely goes many steps ahead fm what we hv seen so far. Do watch wid ur kids.
  • CentralPerker: #Delhi Safari is by far, the best animated movie made in India, it can easily compete with any movie from the West!
  • brahmatmajay: my review of delhi safari ***1/2
  • BollywoodFan300: Delhi Safari' review: An enjoyable film
  • Blast_Famous: Delhi Safari has been watched. So overwhelmed! Kudos to the makers and the team.
  • BidhanL: In Delhi safari we can learn many things
  • beeba_puttar: Go watch Delhi Safari people. Look for Rachit Varma in the credits at the end. Heres this guy, @MayaMemeSaab. Also, the movie is awesome.
  • arjansbajwa: Don't miss the most amazing animation film 'Delhi safari' ...noble concept n brilliantly directd by Nikhil Advani..3 cheers! Go watch it!
  • AnkietChauhan: :'(...Mai 'Delhi Safari' dekhne hi kyun gaya?? Boeeerringgg movie!
  • ajaysingh121att: delhi safari i think its must watch movie....
  • Aishwarya__: Delhi Safari...entertaining film for kids...and not too bad for grown-ups either!
  • AdorableRANBIR: i didn't watch SOTY ! that was housefull , had to watch Delhi Safari, its not just an animated movie , its better than any story ! :)
  • 3d_india: Just came back seeing Delhi Safari 3D Movie, good animation, music and funny dailogs to keep your entertained,...