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Quality of life certainly wins over quantity. Dasvidaniya has enough number of interesting characters that is played by a very capable crew. Characters germinate and grow in enough details for us to see the shades.



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How many times have we complained that life is a rut, nothing new or exciting happens? Even if we've never made that complaint, there's always something that we'd really want to do but never got around to doing, because that needs a little more courage than to stay in our self-nurtured comfort zones. That broken relationship you wanted to mend, the hobby you wanted to pursue and for some of us unfortunately, it takes courage to just sit still enough to find that passion.

Amar (Vinay Pathak) who's come to terms with the hand dealt to him is forced to push the self-imposed boundaries before he takes the final bow and says, Dasvidaniya - good bye. This pleasantly plump, obviously nerdy, on-the-wrong-side-of-30s, spineless simpleton makes you feel for him - not pity, but a certain affection. May he be blessed with death if that's what he really, really wants. And you gradually see him mending things in his life, sorting out and repairing the broken parts. You can sense his gradual liberalization as he achieves each item on his life's to-do list.

Believe me, I get excited when I see Vinay on the poster of a movie. Post-Bheja Fry, I look forward to a movie featuring him because he has amazing versatility and convincing power. Here too, you can see Vinay's hardwork in every expression. And his prowess is proven more overtly when his alter ego shows up. The courage it must have taken for the makers to cast him as the lead is well rewarded by an overwhelming performance. And all other actors very efficiently provide form and shape to the world around Amar.

Dasvidaniya is one of those rarities that bring a smile that refuses to go while a tear rolls down. The dark humor too helps in keeping that smile. And this is despite the leisurely pace at which things proceed. The story is not much more than a one-liner. But each character, however short-lived in the script, is given enough room to bloom and present its shades to us. Amar's response to each character is recorded with finesse. And thus every relationship brings with it a unique chemistry though each one of them is equally warm. Even animosity carries a tender feeling with it.

The ever-demanding nature of human beings is very obviously put forth by Amar's ever increasing list. It tells something about ourselves when every time an item is checked off the list there are a few unchecked ones glaring at you. And as you see that, you find Amar taking a pause to just stand and stare - something that brings him immense pleasure.

Why wait for the end to knock at your door? Go ahead, make your list. What will it have? That trip to the mountains? The adventure sport that you might not make if a few more years go by? That call you have been avoiding thus far? Whatever they may be make sure there's enough room for "stand and stare" on that list.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A kiss and suggestion of making love.
  • Concept: It makes you think about what you'd want to do if you had only limited time left here.
  • General Look and Feel: It’s a glum set-up with songs mostly in the background. No overtly chirpy characters.

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How I have been waiting for this review.. I was sure that post-Bheja Fry Vinay would be back with a bang.. and this story is something I had thought of for making a short film.. would be amazing to see it being translated onscreen.. that too by Vinay..!

Thanks a lot for the review..!(Will post opinion after I've been to it.)


silvan, do watch the movie and let us know what you think.

shantanu, thanks for the appreciation, do come back with your take on the movie.

Rishi - is it? have you seen My life without me? intriguing title...

Dasvidaniya is unlikely to disappoint any of you

Moksh Juneja:

you should have made a mention of his alter ego, specially who wears red shoes. Even Gaurav Gera, as the younger brother and short lived character had an impactful performance, specially when he shared screen Vinay Pathak and mother Sarita Joshi.

The songs were also very to the point, specially when he started singing Maa, it was very meaningful and had it own time value in the movie.


I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie too, Moksh!


Thanks, Mayur. and i'm glad you like Vinay Pathak too.

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