Daddy - Preview

wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
quick review:

A relatively engaging last half hour. Only if you can sit through gun fight after gun fight after gun fight that is typical of a film based in the underworld.



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The trailer has a very Sarkar-esque feel to it. Which also means it has the Ram Gopal Varma touch to it. Now, that could really go either way, but one will walk into the theater with skepticism.

The story again, doesn't seem to be any different from the other mafia leader-Robinhood stories we have seen plenty of. The only thing that seems worth looking forward to is Arjun Rampal as Arun Gawli. The make-up, the beetlenut-stuffed mouth seems to be spot on. Hope the rest of the performance follows through. And of course, I hope against hope that the story has some other factor that differentiates it from the rest of the films in this sub-genre – more depth, if nothing else. Else, the question would remain unanswered – are all these films as close to reality as it gets or is this film keeping arms distance from reality too?

Daddy releases on 8 September, 2017

Music Review:
Times of India - "perfect mood to this qawwali...adds that archetypal festive feel to the song...."