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A thriller which tries hard to be way too much more.



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92 tweeters have given D-Day an average rating of 4.5/5.0(?)

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  • _DaeLay: Dday >.<
  • wumboWumbologst: .@nickadvani you sir restroted my faith in the hindi film industry. All the 'bollywood rocks' debates are gona be won on D- Day's basis :)
  • Vod_kaKnockers_: And with that D-Day also becomes the first movie I've seen alone. Enjoyed every bit of the experience !
  • vishal_92: D-Day is just an award winning movie
  • vinitnagda1: D-day is an excellent movie...awesum storyline n executed....congratz 2 d team of d-day fr makin such a succesful n commendable movie
  • varunkachhwaha: #D-Day Ok Ok movie. Not up to mark but watch it for Rishi Kapoor. Perfect Act and He will Show you how he is Still in Bollywood
  • Varad_Bhatnagar: Brilliant and very well crafted with just so perfect acts. Witnessed a hall giving standing ovation with claps at the end#D-Day
  • Vaids: #dday superb & a must watch film @rampalarjun awesome & in luv wth the persona he has.@irrfan_k gave an awestrucking performance.
  • ttiinnnnyy: #DDay d last conversation between arjun rampal n rishi kapoor (D) ws superb...wish india really gets rid of all such elements...nice movie!
  • tsakhran: Hindi movies must learn to quit when ahead. Excellent 1st half in #DDay; second half... Zzzzzzz! #BollyWood #films #Movies
  • tipsfrdirection: Edge thriller Dday big twist n d end...enjoyed
  • the_pranx_says: Amazing camerawork ,direction nd acting makes u ignore d loose script n fall in love with #d_day ...take a bow @rampalarjun
  • TheOddfather101: Watched DDay this afternoon. Here's my report card: Movie: 6/10 Dialogues: 4/10 Action: 6/10 Music: (cont) http://www.twitlonger.com/show/magc2j
  • TheMaanavMehta: Loved D-Day
  • TheFookFace: I see most of you complaining about Hindi films being stale and not creative. You have a chance to watch something different in D-Day.
  • tejramsharma: D-day awesome movie fantastic performance done by Arjun and Irfan khan plz watch it great clap
  • tbkdotcom: D-Day scores 3.5 out of 5 in The Bollywood Khans Critics Score Board #DDay #RishiKapoor #IrrfanKhan #ArjunRampal #ShrutiHaasan #HumaQureshi
  • surekapuja: Watched d- day awesome movie good work by #arjunrampal #nikiladvani#irfan khan a must watched
  • sudhirkothari03: Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan & Arjun Rampal all steal the show of ‘#DDay’ Don't miss it.. go n watch it...
  • sovinaaa: D-day was actually pretty good.
  • smcheema: I think it is a must watch movie...D-Day @rampalarjun
  • sjoshipura: D-Day , Really a Good Film .
  • SifarKaSafar: I like D-Day..though..the end is unrealistic.. but surely it's a master stroke of Nikhil Advani.
  • siddhantsawant: #D-Day whT an Amazing film, just superb great work on the story, music, action and all other things.
  • siberpanda: Watched D-Day movie today, understood how a director can make an ass out of himslf n ultimatly of the audience !
  • shivanggoyal1: Watched d-day .... awesum film
  • Shants_Cool: #DDay #IrfanKhan #RishiKapoor superlative performances. Movie - okaish...one time watch if u love gangsta flicks..
  • shameekc: Just watched d day. Awesome ride ! Highly recommend.
  • shaitaanya: Decent watch. Slick editing and action. End could've been so much better! ★ D-day — https://t.co/aXScRuHYvw
  • sanghitanandi: #D-Day has left me speechless. Need some time to gather my thoughts...
  • ruchirshah89: #Dday nice movie.... last speech by #RishiKapoor was awesome....
  • rjanup: MIRCHI BIOSCOPE D DAY - 3/5 Mirchis - Rj Anup @ Radio Mirchi UAE... https://soundcloud.com/rj-anup/mirchi-bioscope-dday-3-5
  • Rishab4188: I would suggest all to watch #dday. Brilliant performances by arjun rampal, irrfan khan n ofcourse chintu kapoor.
  • Ravz03: #DDay Mind Blowing! @rampalarjun hotness redefined!
  • RajKrish85: D-Day good at parts...!
  • rajeshkw: Watched #dday... absolute stunning... hollywood eshtyle!!
  • PSEsunny: #DDAY Totally justice done by @rampalarjun with is role..Must watch *****
  • prrrince: .. Dday - super movie ---> @IamRoySanyal is KICKASS in the movie (Y) More power to u chandan. love
  • prasunity: #DDay is a good film!Plot was good the direction was the only thing average!
  • PrashantKumar41: #DDay is the by far the best attempt to get the most wanted man ...kudos to you #NikhilAdvani ..and @humasqureshi your awesome ...
  • prashaant163: Watched D-Day yesterday. A flawed, watchable flick!
  • Porsh_911: P&D Day...I luuuuv me some him...
  • plknijhawan: #DDAY @rampalarjun #Respect #Adore #awsum
  • parekhraj: #DDay would had got over in the 1st 15 mins itself if Arjun Rampal's character wld had shot rishi kapoor's character in the elevator...(1/2)
  • NeelanshPrasad: D-Day,what a movie !!! Rishi Kapoor hats off !!
  • movie_blast: Don't miss the film ....it's worth your money...Love track between Arjun rampal and Shruthi Hassan is quite memorable and great #Dday
  • MoviePlanning: DDay could have been very good but for some melodrama and romantic track. Wish it stayed focused on the main plot and did not lose pace. ***
  • moterwala11: Watched #DDay today .A hardcore action movie .Rishi kapoor is best as Dawood " goldman " , Irfan khan is legend as always . 3 stars from me
  • miki_oceanblue: Jst saw #dday...its simply awesome...nd .@rampalarjun ur acting..m speechless..luvd it..seems like level of bollywood is goin really high:-)
  • Maverick_G: D-Day was a good movie.. Could've been better..
  • madhumakhija: Just watched D-Day Movie. Liked It!
  • LovelyPinkJY: 2013 BEAUTIFUL SHOW D-Day 와우! http://twitter.com/LovelyPinkJY/status/358603053512921089/photo/1
  • LA_Herald: Entertainment News: D-Day is a surprising package from a director known so far largely for harmless, fail-safe s ... http://t.co/awF43EkxEP
  • KutchaRaasta: D-Day:When the credits roll & u see "Directed by Nikhil Advani' written, u'll have 2 reactions.1.He has made it? 2.Finally he has made it!
  • kmanish77: #DDay 1st half is mesmerizing .. Excitement at the helm for the 2nd [email protected]
  • Karan_TrueBlue: d-day is the best movie I've watched in a long time. fuck you @kamaalrkhan #DDay
  • karan120490: D-Day is for True Indian . Great acting, arresting script. Nikhil Advani has made a film every Indian will be PROUD of! #SalmanHuggedSRK
  • kanupriya_modi: D-Day is the best movie i have seen after Barfi....a masterpiece
  • joshipaarth: D-day# An eye catching Masterpiece by Nikhil Advani...accurate direction with unique treatment and amazing performances# Hats off#
  • johntmat: #DDay is not one of the best,it's the best Spy thriller out of Indian Cinema. Top performances by @irrfan_k @shrutihaasan @humasqureshi
  • jeetbasu: 'D-Day' is spectacular! At points it drags but overall it scores..a must watch:-):-)
  • jaythanks: Just watched D-DAY,a great thriller,its tooooo good.Fully enjoyed the great performance of @humasqureshi,who also looking gorgeous in movie.
  • itsmekamalsingh: #DDay ... Tight screenplay, Great twists, super performances. . Must see
  • iPrasenjit_M: Just saw #D-Day @rampalarjun #Rishi Kapoor Brilliant!! Bollywood is raising its bar in every movie!
  • IamTto: Powerful performances & fast-gripping storyline made it felt like must watch stuff! Irfan & Rampal outshines Rishikapoor #DDay @DivenitaEr
  • IamAjeetSingh: D-DAY 4 out of 5 star good movie Rishi Kapoor's best negative role ever
  • gunsngreen: Was surprised to know D Day is from @nickadvani. Who directed some ridiculous movies like chandni chowk to china n salaam-e-ishq....
  • GEETROCKKER: Watched #DDay Liked it all the actors r just fantastic @humasqureshi @irrfan_k @rampalarjun @shrutihaasan :)
  • gabriel13787: Njoyd d day @bhul bhulaya.....!!
  • freakishmee92: the best actions spy thriller Indian cinema has ever made #Dday
  • FeudalThemmady: D-Day what a thrilling movie. Superb thriller that touches your emotions.
  • dhar_rnjn: Credit due where it deserves. What a superb script by @nickadvani. D Day a complete maestro #DDay
  • chnyijia: D-day Beautiful Show { Day 2 }
  • bipul100: D-Day brings patriotism back in Bollywood.
  • BeingRohitAmble: #DDAY wht r realistic film Mr. Nikhil advani ?LOL ..rishi kapoor is complete misfit as dawood..saying i will go 2 Salman Bhai's " BIG BOSS "
  • asunaina: Have thoroughly enjoyed D Day- very well crafted, directed and acted. Best of all, very believable!
  • ashuagnihotri: Watched D Day. Intense and gripping
  • ASHOKKARANMANJU: After BMB Another classic for indian cinema is D-day. What a excellent movie this thanxs Nikhil.
  • aseemiitk: D-Day must watchhhhh....trigger kheech maamla mat kheech
  • arunangshupaul: As a movie D Day can be placed overall in the above average category because it fails on some counts in spite of... https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=525200610868844&id=300403703348537
  • archanashenoy22: Watched #DDay other nite...just loved it! The strong story with the finest actors, superb combination...! @rampalarjun was amazing..!
  • AppyOfficial: #DDay was quite good movie :) I didn't expected it be good tho.
  • anidubey2012: D-DAY truly a fantastic movie great work by @nickadvani @humasqureshi @rampalarjun @irrfan_k want this to happen with Daud(bastard).
  • ams_des: #D-Day not upto d mark..first half is avg ,second half s good ..2.5/5 @humasqureshi
  • AmareshMisra: D-Day a surprisingly effective spy thriller from N Advani. But shows Dawood behind Bomb blasts in India. Bias. What about 1992-93 riots?
  • akshat_vpande: D-Day - a fast paced train which maintains its speed for half the journey, gets slow and boring after midway and... https://www.facebook.com/akshatfb/posts/10151770622146285
  • AkhilDhanania: #D-day brilliant movie.. amzing work by @rampalarjun nd Rishi Kapoor #MustWatch
  • aditya0017: #D-Day #NikhalAdvani's best movie soo far....very nice story, action n acting.....
  • aashish_mullick: D-day is a very well made movie.great 2 watch.subtle references to madam n paid media included.lol.
  • 96025jaysingh: bhai log d day movie iz osem
  • 5hraddha: D-Day a good watch. Fast paced and great performances #movies
  • 1stRanbirKapoor: My father-in-law's new film- D Day♥ LOL! Its a must watch! xD