Cocktail - Preview

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

A good chick flick is just the right amount of chewing gum for the brain. Light and breezy it is good while it lasts. Cocktail lasts till a little after interval when it starts moping and mulling. A promising start meets a generic, uninteresting end.



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Another one of those romantic comedies, which looks fresh and entertains - in the trailer, at least.

Three friends, whose characters are defined by the placards they hold - Meera, the typical girl who is liked by boyfriends' moms of friends; Veronica with her aversion to wearing pants; and Gautam who is most likely the man of their lives - and of course, friendship goes through troubles. A love triangle, so no guessing how many ways this can end. And either way is almost always predictable.

The question then, is will they be able to engage us enough to think about who the guy will go for or at least root for one over the other. If not that, in addition to the promise of some fun, I am at least looking forward to some 'moments', especially given Imtiaz Ali is in the writing team.

The fun moments look promising what with self-referencing jokes about Saif Ali Khan's youth being second-hand. But it does hurt to see the threesome take grace out of the dance. Don't they really look like they are performing a pretty awful aerobic routine?

The music seems to have gained some very favorable reviews, though a couple of the songs look like promotional videos (thankfully!). It is clear with the music and the premise and the characters they have picked to represent that this one will be youthful gearing up for maturity, if not anything else

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dunkdaft - "There is surely something about Saif's 'mushy' movies and Pritam - together, they both work perfect."
Bollywood Hungama - "4.5/5"
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