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It is one adorable road trip! Another awesome performance by Vinay Pathak & a good one by Lara Dutta too! If only there was some control on the urge to do something dramatically drastic in the second half.



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72 tweeters have given Chalo Dilli an average rating of 4.0/5.0(?)

51 yays
8 nays
13 so-so
  • zeylovers: Just watched Challo Dilli. Nice movie! :) @DuttaLara
  • zainab_sadiq: just watched #chalo-dilli, pretty good, unique, reaaly funnny. watchh it @osama2 and @Sadafffy
  • UsmanJavd: This time it was chalo dili - starring one of my fav, lara dutta! Good movie! I enjoyed iit quite a bit!
  • tarinbansal: Chalo Dilli - #Awesome movie. Perfect compre movie. #FeelGood Lara Dutta :-* #oldLove ;)
  • S_Bhardwaj: "Chalo Dilli" is a nice movie..It will keep u awake enroute for sure.
  • supreetbahl: just watched "challo dilli"...Best movie of the year...Brilliant acting and script..Hats off to @DuttaLara and @pathakvinay
  • sshreyas: Saw "Chalo Dilli". Nice movie, Lara Dutta can act! She looks damn hot too!
  • skptweets: Chalo Dilli: Acting 10/10. Comic Timing 10/10. Story 8.5/10 Music (esp. for Yana) 8/10. All in all a VERY nice movie. Time well spent.
  • shantusharma: Long time ! Watched a movie finally in theatre. went with 'Chalo Dilli' . nice entertainment. vinay pathak ! you rock ! #movie
  • shandilya_nitin: Chalo Dilli is a magical movie, i really liked it....specially bcoz i have seen both Lara's and Vinay's sides in real life @ last 5 months
  • sands24_7: just saw Chalo Dilli..awesum!! y cant they make such gud movies bout Mumbai!!
  • samkadam32: Watched Chalo Dilli.. Vinay Pathak has stole the movie single handedly.. Lara looks stunning as ever.. Good to watch..
  • R_Raphi: I Request all of to chalo multiplex & watch chalo dilli. u will like it. Great movie.
  • ridziegal: Watched Shor in the City last night. Was just ok. Liked Chalo Dilli better. #Bollywood
  • ridhubhatia: Chalo Dilli was a nice road movie... a little inspired from Leap Year but i guess its the genre!
  • razashaik: Chalo dilli - a very entertaining movie on how life perspective changes with reality.......
  • Ramanbck: watched Chalo Dili today ..wat a movie guys loved it!!! had a total fun was like a big journey the best part is "wats a bid deal" <3<3<3
  • rahulrdeo: Chalo Dilli, one fine movie! Loosely inspired by Due Date but a fun movie over all! #MovieICanWatch #India #movie
  • PRanam1: Recently watched Chalo Dilli. Subtle comedy and a sensible message at the end. Decent movie
  • poojaspunky: #Chalo dilli fantastic:-):-)
  • pankajramprasad: Watched Chalo Dilli finally . Vinay and @DuttaLara were jus awesome . Very well made movie.
  • nimeshnagar0707: Chalo Dilli' :- Nice Movie...but it is ripped off from Hollywood's 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles'. So one may (cont)
  • nikhilsharma26: Just saw "Chalo Dilli", good , light movie :)
  • musicperk: Challo Dilli rated ★★★½ on MusicPerk
  • mukesh7373: chalo dilli nice stuff .....
  • mrsachin7: had a frustrating day....but the movie challo dilli was awesome..liked it very much
  • mohsriva: Chalo Dilli!!! a must watch :)
  • megha_jainrocks: recently seen chalo dilli , awsome movie..........
  • manjuoommen: [email protected] awesome man...gr8 movie challo dilli..vinay hs been like dis always bt whr was dis Lara b4...Lara u rock playin charactr
  • MadthaRohan: chalo dilli is out standing
  • koolyuva: Challo Dilli... 4 1/2 stars
  • King_Akhilesh: Chalo dilli a fun movie must see guys
  • johnpriya: watched 2 great movies over the weekend.. after Limitless and and amazing performance by Bradley Cooper, Chalo Dilli just do it for me..
  • jitin84: Chalo Dilli: The best comedy of the year with a darling performance yet again by the one-and-only Vinay Pathak!!! A wonderful watch :)
  • janki09: Watched #chalo dilli 2day Wid ma perfect Mothers Day njoyed a lot !!!!
  • IT_Kabootar: A few months back, @pathakvinay was tweeting from the Jaipur winter. Now I know it was for the beautiful work in Chalo Dilli. I liked it.
  • hemu_8: Chalo Dilli ... I like it :-D
  • effayeffay: Watched "Chalo Dilli"... Good fun! Vinay Pathak is brilliantly obnoxious.
  • CyberBlabber: again: "Chalo Dilli" awesome. great performances. very apt depiction of the varied human nature in the multi-cultural landscape of India.
  • cotuc: Vinay Pathak rocks. Liked @DuttaLara too in Challo Dilli. Good movie. Paysa wasoool.
  • coolshranjay: saw chalo dilli......a great acting show by both the actors......LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chaudhary_kapil: Chalo Dilli: Inspired from Due Date....funny and watchable....Vinay Pathak as usual awsome...lara was good but Yana was awsome..
  • atulsingh001: Watched "Chalo Dilli" a good entertaining movie. may be inspired by "Due Date" including lots of hindi filmy tadka. #fb
  • ashithakur: Dekh li ji #Chalo Dilli :) nai dekhta na, to "Badi baat ho jaati". Must see movie hai. Sirf Hasna (cont)
  • ashish_pathak80: Just watched "chalo dilli" just two words for movie...simple and superb......
  • anshulnitk06: chalo dilli ...gud movie for those who are not critic...
  • Anirudh_Shukla: Shor in the city and Chalo Dilli are cool movies to see... Haunted is not at all watchable....
  • akinak87: Saw 'Chalo Dilli' yesterday. The 'Bheegi Basanti' production house makes you wonder for a bit, but a fab movie nonetheless!
  • adityakapoor: Chalo dilli - hilarious, vinay pathak gets my salute.
  • 16geetika: Chalo Dilli....a cute, entertaining movie. And Vinay Pathak is such a fine actor!
  • shailip: Chalo Dilli was a pretty ok movie. Vinay Pathak is awesome.
  • rijujacobs: Chalo dilli... a feel good movie..vinay does what he is best at....lara...u've got a rich jus a producer...overall...time pass
  • namansaraiya: Just saw Chalo Dilli. Vinay Pathak, you beauty. Jab We Met re-incarnate. Needs stronger/shorter script. Over-all, decent. 3/5. #LateReview
  • md610: Chalo Dilli is a watchable movie.
  • Lath_rit: Saw chalo dilli can't understand why everybody is so mad about it. Its good but something just gets bored and slagging at the end.
  • Kruspace: Vinay Pathak made the otherwise weak Chalo Dilli worth a watch...the start 2 d picturesque road ride was promising but cld not hold ground
  • journopriyankka: Chalo Dilli was ok-toke........
  • hemrajsingh: Saw 'Chalo Dilli'. A good one-time watch. Don't expect a great deal. Reminds of 'Due Date' though. :)
  • Forever_Tarun: chalo dilli, one time watch hai ji. Kaun si badi baat ho gayi, no need to make it emotional in the end. Lara is good
  • Divyavaani: So chalo dilli is just kaam chalaoo..
  • biswamitra123: Chalo Dilli-a good muvi to watch..irritates u to the core and u r left wid no options other than to laugh..
  • arjun_mehra: Chalo Dilli- Lara Dutta's voice shouldn't have been dubbed. Vinay Pathak is a gem n the only above avg thing in the movie.
  • araushan: CHALO DILLI could have been little better....
  • _Manashwi: Weekend viewing: #Fast5 (whatever happened to 'fast' cars?); Chalo #Dilli (despite its moments felt like d 2hr flick went on for 2hrs45min)
  • suyognabar: Chalo Dilli not as gud as its hype... I guess @pathakvinay das vidaniya & straight were much better.....
  • shakwrites: 'Chalo Dilli' was like trying to take a decent short story and stretching it into a 400 page novel. Highly counter productive. #review
  • RootKanal: saw chalo dilli. vinay pathak is a saving grace. and so is akshay kumar for a change :S
  • pathiknagda: Chalo dili lasted 05 mins it sucks big time vinay pathak goes on n on and lara dutta tries to make faces thats it movie over
  • motihariwala: Walked out of Chalo Dilli. Really bad. I mean it. Real real bad.
  • khullarkapil: Chalo dili boring movie
  • GunjanArora25: Chalo Dilli is a stale dish with ingredients of boring jokes, predictable scenes and unending crap!