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Chakravyuh - Preview


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An engaging, must-be-heard story told with great balance. Yet, half-hearted focus on relationships distracts from the main story.

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Chkravyuh had caught my attention the first time I saw the trailer because of the cast picked for the film. I wouldn't imagine Arjun Rampal or Esha Gupta in any cinema that was 'different' from the norm. And while I have always enjoyed the films Abhay Deol picks, somehow a policeman turned rebel isn't something I would have thought of him as. And I have always been a fan of anything that catches me off-guard.

Yet, it is difficult to shake off the feeling that Arjun Rampal's dialogue delivery looks too forced and Esha Gupta looks like she is over-dramatizing. But then you always have Om Puri, Manoj Bajpai and Abhay Deol to balance it off. Also, Anjali Patil looks like she's going to hand us a cracker of a performance.

Anyway, with content like the one this has, maybe performances a little below par might do too. Rebels/revolutionaries vs establishment with rebels fighting for their right. You instantly recollect Paan Singh Tomar and you notice the texture of the two films being similar, except of course the item number that Chakravyuh carries and the lame, chauvinist marketing that they seem to be employing including having Arjun Rampal act as if he is directing!

Yet, Chakravyuh's theatrical promo makes you want to watch the film.

Doesn't look like the songs have the same effect though. Whether the want from watching the trailer will lead us to a good film or not, we will know soon enough.

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Chakravyuh - Movie Details

Chakravyuh - Trailer

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Nice review. :)
Gonna watch it this weekend. Have many expectations from it.

Murtaza Ali:

Loved your analysis of the movie though I thought you have been a bit harsh in your overall assessment.

And I agree that the friendship element was quite week. The movie indeed could have been much more brilliant had it does away with its Bollywood-like excesses and brusqueness.


Thanks @Vinay. Try to reduce expectations a bit, you might enjoy it better :)

@Murtaza I guess that it boils down to how much the Bollywood excesses and weak friendship bothered us.


nice review... gonna torrent the film tonight
Btw the first promo was a give away and it looked like a modern version of Namak Haraam but with Prakash Jha I expected a film like Gangaajal but seems like he is following a formula of mixing his well known realistic formula with fiction and relying on action scenes and dialogue baazi....Arjun seems to be getting a lot of beating after some riveting works before and from the same director who gave him rajneeti


Thanks! Torrent? :(

Yeah, the promos gives most of the story away. It's not a great film, but it is a part of our country that we ought to know

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