Review - Bombay to Goa: Even reading this tagline is a waste of time!!

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Horrible, terrible, miserable waste of precious film stock.



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Wogma Review

Drum roll And this year's "Most dedicated to the profession" award goes to.....meetu. drum doesn’t know when to stop rolling. Just like the people involved in the movie did not know when to stop rolling the camera - well, they shouldn't even have started. Had they not made the movie, you would be saved the trouble of reading the following 350+ words. But, that ain't happening, I went, I saw, I wrote. So now, you read.

No-no, I wouldn't claim the award for sitting through the whole movie. That I have immense capacity for - call me a masochist. I deserve it because not only do I have the gall to let the world know that I watched this, I am also spending another few hours writing about it. I deserve something special in return!! Okay, I give my humble self a break. Hopefully my time and energy has earned some respect and you will skip the movie.

Calling this movie slapstick is an offense. Do pee-gases-poop-jokes really make even slapstick-lovers laugh? Are falling people, water fights, mistaken identities so amusing that you can make an entire movie out of it? By they way, did anyone even consider real dialogues versus what the actors seem to have come up with from their own stand-up acts? How I longed for a single song - however bad, however inappropriately placed! Especially if it would have meant taking some screen time from the 15-minute-long people-hiding-in-closets-sequence and another 15-minute passing-the-treasure-game.

We would be fools to expect a story when it took them 45 minutes to just introduce the dozen and a half "characters". Vijay Raaz was the only actor who made an attempt at a performance. The rest were just basking in their own glory of over-acting, oblivious to the world who wanted their ears, their hair, their brains intact.

Of late, in general, even an overall bad movie has good camerawork, editing, sound design. Not here! Close-ups are so close that at least one character has his face chopped off - lower-lip and downward. I noticed at least two cuts mid-sentence when Raju Srivastav was speaking to the camera for some reason or the other. The characters were yelling at the top of their voices for me to be able to even notice the other noises.

Don't worry guys, I realize I haven't been absolutely selfless here. I watched the movie because I have to. I told the world that I watched it because I wanted the award. I wrote this review in such length because one needs an outlet for one's frustration.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Sounds like horrible one!! just one question ... is there any part by ahsaan?? might just watch that part!!


Well amitscorpio, Ahsaan does have a decent sized role, but there was nothing very special about it. Hardly any funny lines. Same old dialogue delivery style.

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Looks like routine movie.. little bit funny

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