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For once, a film made me wish it didn't have a story and was the usual Salman Khan "cool". That, at least I'm prepared for. The attempt at putting in sorry, convoluted twists just kill whatever other fun you could have had.



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59 tweeters have given Bodyguard an average rating of 3.8/5.0(?)

44 yays
13 nays
2 so-so
  • zgibor: salman khan new movie #bodyguard is by far the best movie of the year...entertain right from the start till the end.sweet movie.
  • wallflower31: Shitty and shameful piece of cinema shouldnot be encouraged in bollywood for eg #Bodyguard
  • Visheshjaiswal: Hey all must watch bodyguard mast movie hai.!!
  • veee15: not really into bollywood films but gotta admit #Bodyguard was pretty funny
  • vagabondRK: bodyguard.....a shocker in penultimate scenes..lovestory at heart,dnt miss dis one guyz
  • TinuLuthra: Watched Bodyguard last evening, I think thats why i slept so well. #Aweful
  • teleparallel: Khud Pe Ek Ehsaan Karna Ke #Bodyguard dekhne maat jana, #Bollywood, #Salman
  • stalisuhail: via -Paagal ho gaya saala, jootein maro isko, itni badiya film aur iska itna third rate review, who pays these idiots ??
  • Spoorthi1230: I didnt lik hindi Bodyguard!! I feel they shudve fallowed d malayalam version's screenplay! Movie can be watched juz fuh salman !!
  • shuchikalra: my grey cells died a slow painful death #Bodyguard
  • shivamnw17: Awesome Movie..!!! "BODYGUARD" must watch it
  • Shail_Mehta: Bodyguard #epicmovie ....
  • shahthebest: So i'll be honest...saw bodyguard & it's not bad.Diff from salman's usual masala flicks
  • sarahhussain89: #bodyguard~story wise ok..cute n sweet in a way..hilarious action scenes..but must say farrr better dan previous salman movies..good tp:)
  • rusmguys: #bodyguard nice movie! Better than #Dabang
  • rafia_pak: Bodyguard n bol wat 2 moviez..made me laugh n cryy...amazinnn..!
  • PriyalPanara: liked the movie #bodyguard
  • Pinkl3t: #BodyGuard Was Tooo Good! @BeingSalmanKhan Was Too Adorable! >.< Loved It! x
  • offerbean: 'Bodyguard' is a perfect family entertainer that compliments the spirit of the festive season.
  • nidaaa96: Just Saw BODYGUARD,my new Fav MOVIE! LOVED @BeingSalmanKhan & Kareena! Desi Beat <3 I Loved Tsunami's Shirts! Movie toh HIT hai! Zabardast!
  • neerajmodani: Wat a worst movie.. Bodyguard...The more you expect from the movie..the worst that movie is.. But Salman is awesome in movie...SEXY man..
  • nazeez: Bodyguard- absolute rubbish!
  • NadzyAngel: Bodyguard was a great movie! Salman Khan is the best!
  • Mv2989: wow aWESUM film bodyguard emotion drama action & sexy kareena ;)
  • MissMauna: .@BeingSalmanKhan I loved Bodyguard! Adorable.
  • MarinaxxG: eid mubarak...i celabrated it yesterday..:S....Xx...watched bodyguard yesterday it was a mad movie loved it and salman khan..woohoo hottie:D
  • loveneet04kumar: awesome movie bodyguard
  • libinphileo: #bodyguard is a awsme #movie lovd it...!!
  • Jhanzaibnemat: Today I've been to Odeon cinema in Derby to watch a Hindi film ''Bodyguard'' nd with family nd it was great :D
  • Jeffrinaslam: Does not live up to the expectation #Bodyguard. Should have stuck to the same scene by scene copy of the original.
  • JamshidR: #Bodyguard = Good Humor + Lovely Romance + Over the top Action + Right Emotions + Beautiful Kareena + Incredible SALMAN...Blockbuster!!!
  • JAI_AWESOME: bodyguard- awesome. packed with loads of action and sweet love.......
  • irisharoz: Watched #BODYGUARD! Absolutely loved it! @BeingSalmanKhan is charming as always! I'm definitely a fan! Story twist was weird tho!
  • husainkapadia: #Bodyguard is an awesome movie. It is action packed romantic movie. Lovely(Salman) and Divya(Kareena) creates (cont)
  • HeyItsFarheen: Bodyguard is a AWESOME movie :)
  • HASSAN_AH: Just watched "Bodyguard movie" LOVE it, #salmankhan#kareenakapoor
  • Haji_M_Hanif: Bodyguard is not Salman-y enough! - First day, first show, first row. It could only be a Salman Khan film.
  • Haiddar: Watched bodyguard, really good drama, action and romance..way to go #KareenaKapoor
  • h4hasi: bodyguard is very ghatia movie...
  • Funny_Swifty13: Just watched "BodyGuard". Funniest and CUTEST movie EVER!!
  • emran_khan_123: BODYGUARD was awsome and a must watch!!! A big blockbuster indeed!!!☺
  • dhrumil_26: #bodyguard : Comedy/humour by Tsunami is Good but the Best Comedy Arises due to the Funny Antics of Salman in the First Half
  • Crystiiii: If anyone wants to commit suicide go & watch Bodyguard, it will rape your mind completely when you see Salman's pathetic attempt at acting.
  • codyhulk: Bodyguard isn't as happening as @BeingSalmanKhan previous film.
  • Chirpy_Kulfi: #Bodyguard haters should go jump off a bridge :D That's all I have to say!
  • chaturajith: Love the movie Bodyguard, salman and kareena was fab!
  • BoydiiMo: Film Review: Bodyguard: A romantic action picture whose shifts of tone are abrupt even by Bollywood standards, t...
  • bhagugirl: like bodyguard vry much..luv u salman
  • beingbodyguard: Salman,salman,salman,salman,salman #bodyguard superhit hai @beingsalmankhan lvd it...mindblowing
  • AtTiTuDeKnIgHt: I will watch Bodyguard again on sunday :D booking the tickets again.
  • AshokLuitel: Hi.....Yesterday i watch the Salaman khan flim Bodyguard,it iz really nice plz don't miss it to watch.....???
  • asamahmed1: Just saw @BeingSalmanKhan bodyguard loved it really good film :)
  • anwar_shaikh: bodyguard is superb & my sallu's performance was outstanding... instead of so much pain in his jaw he can still perform so good love u sallu
  • Anneeliks2tweet: Bodyguard is an awesome movie @BeingSalmanKhan looked amazing in the movie
  • Amish_Patel: Just watched the Bollywood movie, Bodyguard, pretty sick movie! The ending was kinda stupid though.
  • addy9321: Bodyguard is not the usual salman khan action movie...its better.
  • aaterdagzay: Watttaaa movie 'BODYGUARD' #<3 #loveit
  • 7RCRonaldo: Been a great day, bodyguard film was amazing, great day #happyeid