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A case of too many sub-stories spoil the movie.

And oh, none of them a thriller (considering it's a detective story.)



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75 tweeters have given Bobby Jasoos an average rating of 2.9/5.0(?)

36 yays
24 nays
15 so-so
  • _SanaSharma: Bobby Jasoos review: A delightful Vidya Balan makes this a must watch
  • zaahra_c: Sunday treat, Bobby Jasoos! @alifazal9 amazing acting sir loved your performance and the movie! Congratulations!! Well done team xD
  • vivekparanjpe: #Cinema Saw Bobby Jasoos. Below Average. No value for money. Can wait for TV release.
  • vish1982: Review Time with #Flick-Freak #Bobby Jasoos - a salt-less Hyderabadi Biryani !! Please Like & Share :)
  • VikramvnaikNaik: Saw Bobby Jasoos today. Fantastic movie.
  • VGLICIOUS_: Bobby Jasoos. Really good movie. Good performance by every actor.
  • VenuDhingra: Bobby Jasoos just lost out to Federer vs Djokovic What a sad movie
  • vaishalins: For the first time, was disappointed with a Vidya Balan performance. :( Please give Bobby Jasoos a miss...
  • TheMajNS: Bobby Jasoos...Vidya Balan entertains again...
  • TheBongHandle: Bobby jasoos. Vidya balan was good. Story was okay.
  • tanvi_gautam: Bobby Jasoos - nicely done.
  • SunnyOnHunt: Just watched bobby jasoos. Love these kind of movies..
  • sumitkesarkar: BOBBY JASOOS a superb detective flick but real winner is HYDERABAD & the city's essence which comes thrgh.
  • ssvayal: Bobby Jasoos a Nice Movie.
  • srivi3: Could have been handled better. There are some good moments but overall the movie is average.
  • spanikkal: Bobby Jasoos is indeed a very loveable character. The movie is actually a celebration of Hyderabad. Thanks for bringing this out. @deespeak
  • sonias24: Bobby Jasoos- too simplistic, highly flawed and just plain boring. Do not waste your time or money on this one.
  • sohaibgulbadan: Saw Bobby Jasoos and Transformers today. Thoroughly enjoyed both. Amazing Vidya Balan in one, beautiful cars and visual effects in the other
  • siraaaj3: Bobby Jasoos! Superhit. Off the beaten track and yet on track. Perfectly entertaining. The hyderabadi setup was spot on & VIDYA! you rock.
  • sinvhal: Boring Bobby Jasoos. Avoid. Don't waste time and money
  • sidhanth_s: Bobby Jasoos */2 पैसे की बरबरबादी है
  • ShoeDaydreams: Bobby Jasoos was so fun and funny #bollywood
  • SALKATPREACHER: well i still cannot digest how can vidya balan can sign a movie like bobby jasoos
  • SadaMath: I saw Bobby Jasoos yesterday. Movie is good but it isn't something that you will cherish for a long time. Mediocre work!
  • SabitaDigal: Saw Bobby Jasoos today, people should watch it. Turned out to be real good.
  • ridhi_01: btw Bobby Jasoos is overrated.
  • ramirataneja: For wich sec target audience is this film made called "Bobby Jasoos"..??can any1 plz help..!!.. (Bobby Jack Ass)
  • rajji3351: Wasted time on Bobby Jasoos despite good to brilliant performances individually ! Seems to be written by an idiot !
  • Rachna4S: Bobby Jasoos: 3/10 Vidya Balan: 7/10
  • RachitaNadig: There was a one hour serial called star best-sellers. Bobby Jasoos should have been in that format and not a movie.
  • PukhrajNeogi: Bobby Jasoos nice watch. Ali Fazal wish u were given more footage
  • pratikvgupta: Why do movies start right n then always fall face flat these days!!?? Bobby Jasoos- Okish watch.
  • owaisiawo: vidya balan deserved a better script for bobby jasoos
  • nikhilkardale: Bobby Jasoos: The detective would do well to investigate why the ending of her own movie was so illogical and amateurish.
  • Nathansv: Go watch Bobby Jasoos. Vidya Balan is terrific. The movie review follows. Thumbs up.#bobbyjasoos
  • MystiquePai: Watched Bobby Jasoos. Am entertaining confusing thoughts about The Patriarchy and Plotlines.
  • mattsiatti: Watched my first Bollywood film today bobby jasoos it's well worth a watch! Harmless fun
  • ManishPajan: Thoroughly enjoyable film this Bobby Jasoos. No doubt, it is Vidya Balan's film out and out. And does she do a good job! #Bollywood
  • ksipraah: Bobby Jasoos...superb movie
  • KislayaDube: Saw bobby jasoos .....okay movie
  • KavitaAChhibber: Bobby jasoos...a total waste of time. Badly scripted edited and overacted. Eminently forgettable
  • kaaminimandal: vidya is a good actoress..her movie bobby jasus is awsome..plz hurry watch it
  • JaldeepTipale: Bobby Jasoos was good but not the way I expected it to be... :(
  • i_tweetu: Bobby Jasoos: sheer entertainment........!!! MUST WATCH @EvenOnWeekDayz
  • idrrajdeep: The script looses its steam midway but the spunky Balan girl made this kahaani consistently watchable.Bobby Jasoos is a fun watch.
  • guddugal: A lighthearted comedy ~ Bobby Jasoos
  • gnyaneshg: Saw bobby jasoos movie today and was quite disappointed, it was mildly put a movie without any sense or direction.
  • getfilmy: if you haven't seen Bobby Jasoos I highly recommend it... damn fun
  • gambhirmaamla: It's sad that a half decent movie like Bobby Jasoos gets pulled down by the weight of shitty music.
  • FShirin: What a fun movie Bobby Jasoos is! Truly entertaining.. A must watch. #Bollywood
  • FebWin: So I watched Bobby Jasoos and as usual, Vidya Balan shines out. Interesting plot and Hyderabadi flavour. A lighter, more fun Kahaani.
  • Dikshant0104: It would've been a better end for Bobby Jasoos if Vidya took off her mask and it turned out to be Chacha Chaudhary. #HaddBore
  • debsankar1980: #MovieReview watched Bobby Jasoos (2014)- a comedy thriller.ONE TIME WATCH only because of Vidya Balan..story of an aspiring women detective
  • debasmitashankr: Vidya's her entertaining best in @deespeak 's Bobby Jasoos bt d surprise element is @alifazal9 Nvr thot Joy Lobo wud do such wonder sum day
  • chickoncrik: Bobby Jasoos is torturous!
  • carla_filmigeek: Filmi Geek on Bobby Jasoos (2014): So sweet and so much fun that I am not inclined to be especially critical of it.
  • boogerworm: An ok movie... the end ruined it #BobbyJasoos #review #movie #moviereview
  • bogeyno2: Another plug for my #BobbyJasoos review - by no means perfect but worth a watch especially for Vidya. #Bollywood
  • Biswaraj007: Bobby Jasoos wasn't that good too,But Vidya was full fun. It's make-up artist might win National award.
  • bigbala: Bobby Jasoos isn't too bad. I quite like Vidya's acting in this. Especially her chemistry with Ali. Just not as much fun as I was hoping.
  • BhaganiaHemant: Bobby Jasoos is nice well made movie. Vidya Balan is brilliant.In fact, all actors are nice. Congrats to Dia Mirza for producing the movie.
  • AuthorDhiraj: Bobby Jasoos seems to be a bigger disaster than Dedh Ishqiya & Gulaab Gang in 2014. @deespeak @MadhuriDixit #SRKonColorsAt8
  • ask0704: Liked Bobby Jasoos..nice simple movie .Vidya balan was great+super casting .Supriya pathak, benaf, Tanvi azmi & Kiran kumar very all good :)
  • AnshuBindaas: Watch #BobbyJasoos; it is fun, feisty and a cracker of a movie....
  • AnksReview: Bobby Jasoos is story about confused women which shows how confused the story writer of this movie was...
  • anitadongre: A strong fearless woman ,boldly entering a male dominated career #bobby jasoos will be inspirational to many. loved the character @deespeak
  • ani2weets: Movie Review: Bobby Jasoos..some thrills but an ordinary case
  • amitgupta9: Wow...Bobby Jasoos is a very beautiful movie....loved the simplicity and power of the at loss of words...
  • amitdirector: finally caught up with bobby jasoos. kahaani scored because of a seamless screenplay, in spite of a layered narrative. bj just had two laye…
  • AltamashFZ: Bobby Jasus is a comedy film. 1st half is full of comedy and Jasusi, but after interval it so so, less comedy less jasusi.
  • additiyom: If there were a contest for scripts that were otherwise post-it notes, Bobby Jasoos would be in the running for top slot!
  • abantim: Bobby Jasoos is a sweet movie; Vidya Balan is a pleasure 2 watch as she smoothly glides on; Ali Faizal is d icing on the cake - abslte dlite
  • aadiFire: Bobby Jasoos. Just returned. Pretty nice movie. Liked it.
  • 9179Rohit: Ultimate, Superhitt, ...enjoy wid you family ... **** #bobby jasoos..
  • 2001Niel1: Bobby Jasoos is hi-tech& has lots of learning points as to how to b target oriented n with brilliant ideas..vidya 2 good