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Bittoo Boss has a couple insights about society and its outlook towards porn and sex. But it puts these points across in a dull, jerky manner and often without energy. Not discardable, neither enjoyable.



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46 tweeters have given Bittoo Boss an average rating of 1.8/5.0(?)

11 yays
24 nays
11 so-so
  • Vivek_Chandra: Reasons y u shud watch "Bittoo Boss": 1.U hv AIDS & some baba says that's a cure. 2.Ur appraisal is due and boss insist. 3.U r torchmen!!
  • VivekVKumar: Fresh talent is entertaining.. Bittoo Boss!
  • thewordjockey: My twitview abt Bittoo Boss: decent watch with a cliched first half but not a bad twist in second half. Average. Could hv been made better.
  • TankAshmita: Bittoo boss is very nice movie i really like pulkit samrat
  • sweetshonasonia: bittoo boss is too cute...n it al owes too pulkit samrat.hez too cute.......
  • SudhishKamath: Bittu Boss: Fairly good plot let down by weak support cast & clumsy ending. Sparkles in the middle. Had more potential but watch. 6/10
  • souravmukherj13: Bittoo BoSS...Good watch...funny - specially d driver in Shimla- atlast-Lesson oriented- d concept has a difference like "Pyar ka Punchnama"
  • singhcd: Bittoo Boss -(cont.)The story itself has some kind of freshness to it, though things get undone at times due to loose screenplay(cont.)
  • Sharanyashetty6: REVIEW : bittoo boss total DISASTER TRAGEDY! Sucks 0.5/5 !!! Don't watch!
  • realmaharaja: Movie Review : Bittoo Boss : Movie Reviews: It is a likeable film. You can sit through it and even h... #Bollywood
  • rathod_hiren: Bittoo Boss, decent effort.. Slow movie..
  • RAGHUWANSH: bittoo boss will enforce u, to tear ur chair or tear ur hair !
  • prdyt: Bittoo Boss. Don't.
  • pankajk14: Bittoo Boss - lovely chemistry between Pulkit Sharma & Amita Pathak. Direction: good job but the story fails. Music ok. BB 2 on 5 Mirchis.
  • NetGuyVikas: If you enjoy great characters, watch Bittu Boss!!
  • nachiket: Bittoo Boss D Ka! That's it. I reviewed the movie already. #thankyou
  • MovieReviews_MS: 3/5 Review on Bittoo Boss by droop : A-candid-directorial-debut -
  • KolkataBhalo: Bittoo Boss (2012): A Sweet Desi Love Story (Movie Review)
  • Knowpany: Earthquake.Friday the 13th.Bittoo boss.Bad week. *sigh*
  • klnithin: BITTOO BOSS movie review by Rating: 1.5 stars. BITTOO BOSS is a good opportunity lost.
  • JhanviDhawan: So today was a bittoo boss day! Eew. Don't go for the movie. Plz.
  • jatin1951: Bittoo boss is the worst movie of the year
  • I_m_YedaAnna: the makers of Pyar ka Punchnama couldn't get the charm back with Bittoo Boss
  • ITVNewz: Bittoo Boss lacks in content and imagination it here....
  • IndiaMovie: Bittoo Boss: Expressive earnest and quite impressive in his interpretation of the character's embarrassing; he i...
  • hypnosh: Bittoo Boss is the kind of film that scares me, that if I get around to making my first film, will it turn out as bad? #1LineReview
  • hriday_sharma: I have seen bittoo boss. It is a good movie.
  • HitenVithalani: bittoo boss deserves **,only actor pulkit samrat is heavy on the movie,and story,direction whole theme of this movie is flop..
  • gosaliaanuj: 2.5/5 stars in our Tub-Sized movie review of #BittooBoss
  • girishmallya: Bittu Boss was just about ok, nice casting n styling but movie drags n story is weak. Will try n catch battleship tomm
  • GeekMoney: Yup 1* @divya_moorjani: Is Bittoo Boss actually rateable????
  • gaaurishankar: Bittoo boss why they made ths film .....very bad film only savng part is ashok pathak actor who entrd n 2nd half d film ....
  • FridayBO: Reviews, April 14th: *Neeku Naaku Dash Dash- 2.5/5 , *Friends Book- 2.5/5, *Bittoo Boss- 2.25/5. *OruKalOruKannadi - 3.25/5. #FridayBO
  • DailyPostIndia: 'Bittoo Boss' endearing, likeable (Movie Review) #BittooBoss #Bollywood
  • Crassification: Bittoo Boss : Yet another reason for 'why Bollywood movies would never transcend as much as Hollywood counterparts.'
  • cpaheli: Nd I lovee#Bittoo Boss. Must watch for me. ♡ ♡.
  • ConfusedAatma: Bittoo Boss! Dont watch even if u get free tickets 4 it.. :|
  • chhotahazri: #BittooBoss is a bit too goody-goody My review on @firstpostin y
  • BollywoodKuwait: ★★★ - Bittoo Boss Review -
  • bhartibedi: Bittoo Boss. Whattey crappy movie. #
  • ashutosh074: Just watched Bittoo Boss....There is nothing new in the movie n movie is boring..
  • ankur512512: Movie: Bittoo Boss Rating: 2.5/5
  • AnksReview: Bittoo Boss is a crapy movie; gosh what I was thinking. Its not even worth a review
  • agarwalnaina: 0 stars ! *_* RT @_BollywoodLover Bittoo Boss . Reviews ?
  • abhijeetrao: Bittu boss #sobad
  • aaapchutiyehain: A guy named #bittoo boss jst stole my 160 bucks and handed me a crap.