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Bittoo Boss has a couple insights about society and its outlook towards porn and sex. But it puts these points across in a dull, jerky manner and often without energy. Not discardable, neither enjoyable.



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Something about the very first look of Bittoo Boss gave an uneasy, eeky feeling. Whether it was the crassness of the lead actor, Pulkit Samrat or the familiar setting of a wedding related profession, a la Band Baaja Baaraat, I haven't been able to pin it. It's not that I don't mind some everyday, real-life like humor, but I dread watching repetition which might be worse than what they are trying to imitate.

While I sympathize with the filmmakers for having to suffer the wrath of the censor board which didn't certify a trailer of the film because of an innuendo, I must say I don't like this kind of humor at all. It's just, my favorite word for the day, eeky.

It turns out that Bittoo Boss is produced by the producers of Pyaar Ka Panchnama. The good news is that, I'd consider my time and money well-spent for one scene like the monologue in Pyaar Ka Punchnama. The bad news obviously is that the producers might have had nothing to do with how that scene turned out.

Also, none of the promo material tells you anything about the central conflict and thus Bittoo Boss comes across as a regular rom-com where the comedy relies heavily either on loud Punjabiness or crassness. Hopefully some of that attempt at humor will turn into a good laugh; there are a couple of lines in the promos that suggest some spontaneous wit, as in spontaneously said by the character and well-timed by the actor.

Meanwhile, the music seems more of the typical bhangra - the typical or the even more typical ; though I must say I loved Pulkit Samrat's . Hopefully some of that will also show in the rest of the film.

Music Reviews:
- "Raghav’s iterative music isn’t really heading anywhere or helping much."
- "5.5/10"
- "passable soundtrack that must work for the movie"
- "4/5"
- "3.5/5"
- "3.5/5"

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