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Wogma Review

Treat it as a fairy tale and you might be able to sit through it. Unfortunately though, the target audience is likely to enjoy it, despite the rating I assign to it. Through the movie kids do things that you usually see adults do in movies and thus can be entertaining for the children.

The special effects can be appreciated for the tribute they are trying to pay to the Harry Potter, Men in Black and Matrix movies. However, they are rather amateurish. The sound effects are done too over-enthusiastically. The comedy bits are at best slapstick. The cameraman seems to love the nauseating 45 degree angle. The only song has lousy lyrics and a distinct Baba Saigal feel to it. It has been picturised very shabbily too. And to top it all, the print quality isn’t the best in many sequences.

Jackie Shroff’s Johnny Depp-look works well. He has done a good job and should have been used much more, like we were led to believe from the promos. Also, it would have been nice if his head was not chopped off by the cameraman so often. The ghost character that he plays seems to have no defined powers and can do almost anything. But hey, this is a work of pure fiction, so who are we to bind the story-writers creativity?

The child artists in the movie have given a decent and balanced performance. It’s the adults who will get on your nerves with their over-acting. It is extremely annoying when the actors face the audience while delivering their dialogues when they are actually talking to another character in the movie. I don’t know whether to be sad or happy that the kids have done a better job than the presumed grown-ups.

Despite all of this, I think the children are going to like the movie, mainly because it hardly has any competition. There are hardly any non-animated Hindi movies for children. What is it with all these movies being released bang in the middle of exam-time?! Anyway, this is a feel good movie for children where all bad characters realize their mistakes and change their ways by the end.

Warning!! The rating is only for the target audience! Adults, don't bother, but this one might be okay for the times you need your children to be out of your hair for a couple of hours.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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