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With next to nothing happening in the first 70 minutes and a disgustingly horrifying last 20 minutes, Bhoot Returns pretty much yells 'don't watch me'. Even if the aim of the film is to disgust and horrify you, the approach it takes doesn't make the film any more palatable.



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39 tweeters have given Bhoot Returns an average rating of 0.5/5.0(?)

3 yays
34 nays
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  • TheVishalDureja: Enjoyed the Day ! Saw Bhoot Returns in 3D :D.. so scary man !!
  • ShaikhTamanna: Watchin Bhoot returns again...& cant believe its givin me chills agains...Hatts off to Manish Koirala's performance so spontaneous !
  • devakatta: Bhoot returns was a very engaging & chilling experience. A bit surprised at the low scoring reviews
  • SwapnilPwagh: Bhoot returns jst timpass
  • PreetiTalks: Bhoot returns: Really very awful story and acting. But amazing 3d effects...
  • ZingCine: Stay away from ‘Bhoot Returns’: Ram Gopal Varma’s repertoire of films can be classified in basic two categories,...
  • zarjis31: Bhoot Returns is yet another dull gem in Ram Gopal Verma's everlasting Hall of Shame....:P
  • ZainSkh: Why does Bollywood even make a horror movie bhoot returns total flop
  • wassupbollywood: Bhoot Returns is a Disaster.
  • VinaySuper: saw BHOOT RETURNS, very slow pace and too long moments of silence !
  • Vedansh7: Bhoot Returns is the most fuckng horror movie ever seen ..
  • sweetdame27: Bhoot returns is da most pathetic movie... No content.. Even a kid can made a better movie.. RGV hv u lost it.. A big no no..
  • shalabh_agg: bhoot returns: RGV cannot make a movie bad than this one,
  • sandy_giri73: Dreamum wakepum= bhoot returns in theaterum... Horribly madepum...amusingum...leaveum theatereum...enuff saidum"
  • saimadcharm: Bhoot returns pakao!!
  • rohitbhangale: Bhoot Returns ... a strict no no...
  • piyushrajsaxena: Bhoot returns... :-D Less horror more comedy. Puri movie 6 artist ne to kardi. Good sound effect but failed to make a fear imperssion. Lol..
  • PiyushMishra_: Gosh i commited a big blunder last nite,watched bhoot returns,still tryin to figure was i suppose to be Horrified..:O
  • pareekaishwarya: Sir Bhoot returns s horrible.disgusting..pehle aapna direction sahi kijiye phir kisi great elder actor k bade me boliye..
  • pannkajt: Bhoot returns 3D review Dumb...Disappointing...dead.
  • nomi08: Bhoot returns because indian ghosts always fail to scare. #RIP Horror.
  • nayan2627: #BhootReturns or Crap Returns - Read My Review - Ramu enough of your filmmaking now . . .
  • KrunalBhalja: If u watch bhoot returns, you will be scared but thats because you will be the only one in the theatre! #PatheticRGV
  • khyati_91: Worst muvi of d year..#Bhoot Returns
  • jeetbasu: 'Aiyya' loud...messedup..disappoints! 'Bhoot Returns' less said the better..phew! Torture!!!
  • IrelandManoj: u r breaking records for the worst films . now bhoot returns . who is giving you all this shitty stories .
  • ingloriousankur: Bhoot Returns, Fear is still missing
  • HtNaMuS: It seems rgv dont even have a professional camera to shoot his bhoot returns.. Ppl plz sponsor .. :-P
  • gauravhassija: The genre of bhoot returns should be changed from horror to comedy. The movie was no good at all.
  • edwardcrazzy2: REVIEW Bhoot Returns Low Budget Lazy Filmmaking With Sloppy 3D ...: Disappointing that for the 'follow up' to hi...
  • CrackpotCrumbs: That awkward moment when your dreams r scarier than rgv's bhoot returns
  • ashukr1234: first horor movie at theaTer is bhoot returns and it is totally rubbish..... i think ramu can go to hell with shabbo.....
  • aru_nav_das: Why isn't @RGVzoomin making films like Satya instead of making Bhoot Returns? This man's graph has gone down from good to worse.
  • anisa_316: Bhoot Returns is absolutely rubbish. How is it even in the horror category when there was nothing scary in there -_-
  • angry_sperm: best comedy film..: BHOOT RETURNS...
  • amritahaldipur: "Aiyyya. Bhoot Returns. Bhaago. Instead, let's fly to the theatres to watch Makhi" - my reaction to this week's releases.
  • ameya0: Bhoot Returns what a comedy :P =D #RGVneedstolearndirecting
  • Akkimundhada: Bhoot returns sucks.....
  • adityasavnal: Bhoot returns is better than Department. But that is hardly a consolation