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Same old underworld world. Same old violence. Same old attempt at creating value through shock. Gore and sexual titillation are abundant. Over-dramatization and slo-mo exposition throughout drags the film. There is an attempt to tie all ends neatly, but there are only a few lines that make an impression, that too not a lasting one.



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12 tweeters have given Bhindi Bazaar Inc an average rating of 2.5/5.0(?)

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  • tiger_on_hunt: BhiNdi Bazar a gud muvi, everybody done 100% i like that.
  • Sethumadhavan: Bhindi Bazaar Inc- some films positively surprise you & this is one such film.Worth a watch.
  • sameersmileing: movie Bhindi Bazaar Inc. is an example of low production values, vague dialogues and a predictable story.
  • rkmalakar: bhindi bazar, superb movie yaar
  • r1kartik: The disappointing BHINDI BAZAAR INC.
  • nautanki: Bhindi Bazaar Inc. intermission. Fairly impressive writing, good metaphors & acting. Textbook concept, but handled well.
  • naneem: Bhindi bazaar inc : good.. director treated it same as in once upon a time in mumbai
  • learningpilgrim: bhindi bazaar inc-trying too hard to be a good movie...a bad spicy curry with no soul and too much presentation.
  • Hardik_Gautami: Hate someone? Suggest them to watch Bhindi Bazaar Inc.
  • Guruproactive: Can someone tell me what the swear word Bhendeee means? Bhendi Bazaar - a senseless film - reminded me of this word.
  • CineMagik: after waching k k menon in bhindi bazaar inc i can forgive him bheja fry 2
  • anaggh: Shaitan 3 Bhejafry 1 Bhendi bazaar 0.