Review - Bas Ek Pal: A whole lot of confused characters got together!

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Wogma Review

This story tries to address the complexities of relationship(s), and that’s what it remains…a trial…it succeeds at absolutely nothing! The movie starts out with almost all characters being nice normal people, and then most of them become obsessed lovers. At one point you start feeling bad for almost all characters but then end up sympathizing with none. Someone ought to teach Urmila Matondkar the art of moving facial muscles. (Maybe, just maybe, we could see some of the facial muscles if her make-up person didn’t do his/her job so over-zealously.) Come on lady, no one groans and moans all the time, your glycerin-moistened-eyes don’t convince us that you are sad and just because you widen your eyes to double their size we can’t be made to believe that you are scared/surprised. Just imagine, your acting is pretentious! I wasn’t sure whether Urmila was enjoying being touched by Sanjay Suri or dreading it. Granted, the story line asked for both, but the sad part it is you can’t make out which one is when.

It is sad that Juhi Chawla, Sanjay Suri, and Jimmy Sheirgill put together couldn’t make up for the lot of bad performances surrounding them, they are looking fabulous though. Sanjay and Jimmy have tried to make the most of badly drawn out characters, what were they pumping so much iron for? Some really good talent has wasted its time on a script that goes hay-wire. Other characters that are better sketched out are murdered by awesome bad acting.

A few things have been handled better compared to the rest of the movie. The scenes showing Sanjay Suri’s imagination running wild were played out well. But how can a script as grim as this have either a dying person or someone who cares for the dying character cracking jokes a few moments before the death. The light moments make you laugh because they are sad not funny. The mundane dialogues and songs don’t help either. Now I am confused – bad dialogues or poor dialogue delivery, lousy direction or mediocre story-line…hmmmm…

- meeta, a part of the audience

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