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I dedicate this review to all those readers who have given me feedback…

For those readers who want me to write about the story - The basic premise of the plot is that a sportsman cannot focus on his game if he is in love. How lame is that? You want more? The other premise is - in a marriage, if a spouse is idle, his/her devilish brain has to think that the partner is being unfaithful. Doesn’t matter how madly they were in love, just ten screen-minutes ago!

Do I need to talk about performances when Puneet Issar is the best deliverer of dialogues? The cameraman refuses to hold the camera in one position, almost through the whole movie. And for the very few times he does, there is nothing happening on the screen, everyone is still for melodramatic effect.

This is for those of you who have been asking me for shorter reviews. So what, if I bored myself for two-plus hours, it is not worth my readers’ time to read a longer review than this. But, don’t get used to it, not all movies can possibly be this bad!

- meeta, a part of the audience

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