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Arjun: The Warrior Prince has decent animation by Indian standards which equate to very average ones by international ones, notwithstanding the differences in budgets. Also, the great epic has been tinkered around with to no advantage.



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8 tweeters have given Arjun: The Warrior Prince an average rating of 3.8/5.0(?)

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  • wabbster: 'Arjun' is an awesome movie. Meant for kids older than ten.
  • ThePrachi: Arjun the warrior prince is overrated. Having read the mythology my interpretation of Arjuna is different. Gr8 animation tho. VOs okayish.
  • shantanub: Watched 'Arjun' y'day with kid. Liberties with story, but brilliant animation. And by an Indian company! Congrats Tata Elxsi! @TataCompanies
  • sandeepthinks: Arjun.. good animation. i loved the sound editing..story is abrupt.. approach is different.. #Vtalkies
  • Leilah_zeenat: Arjun the warrior prince wasnt as awful as i thought it would be but the music and background score is utter CRAP.
  • DrManita: Watched Arjun, the warrior. Cute movie
  • crazyandhow: walt disney Arjun is a good movie. fab animation, nice story telling. go watch.
  • arnabmajumdar: Arjun, The Warrior Prince... #wokeupindia.... Indian Folklore, Disney Animation, heady concoction!!