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Dark, violent, underworld crime drama. There's more of the same. With a slight difference that's not completely new, but some thought nevertheless. That's not enough though. You are left a spectator and are not riding along with anyone in particular.



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14 tweeters have given Allah ke Banday an average rating of 3.0/5.0(?)

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  • TRUTHFLdisaster: MOVIE REVIEWS- 'ALLAH KE BANDEY' s a realistic look at our society n general.a must see movie.but only for niche audience liking
  • shiekhspear: Saw Allah Ke Banday. Small film-yet very powerful in the statement it makes. Kudos to dir Faruk and producer Ravi Walia! A must watch! ★★★
  • PallabB: Allah Ke Bandey is a must see film.... We must encourage good cinemas....
  • kns008: And finally watched Allah Ke Bandey. N.Shah has left a landmark of acting in this movie.U r sticken as movie goes ahead.Decent Refreshment.
  • Kailashkher: Watched Allah ke Banday last nite, what a movie for a new film its so powerful. Subject n great craft.. Kudos to Faruk Kabir
  • ipavanC: #Bollywood Movies update, allah ke bandey must watch :) break k baad watch only if no option :)
  • BollywoodZooms: watched Allah Ke Bandey...decent work>
  • bollywoodx: Review: ALLAH KE BANDEY is easily one of the best film of the year. But screenplay should have been tighter. Go for it 3/5
  • Abu125: Allah Ke Bandey is a good honest effort that is well-shot and definitely could have been better but definitely a decent watch !!!
  • _prithwish_: back to tweeting .. break ke baad one time watch. the secretariat ok but lil borin in bits. allah ke banday gritty but lacks punch..
  • yashrocks09: Allah Ke Banday lacked the punch required, it was like it hits you with a scene and then goes down and so on..
  • Sethumadhavan: Allah Ke Banday- an interesting premise and a good 1st half, but then its a downhill journey till the end.
  • ronyd: Allah ke bandey 1st half overacting kids cut to overacting faruk kabir.
  • PattieGonsalves: Allah Ke Bandey. CAUTION: Entirely avoidable. Laugh out loud funny for all the wrong reasons!