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Where weird goes terribly wrong and comes across as a desperate attempt to become quirky funny.



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18 tweeters have given Aiyyaa an average rating of 2.2/5.0(?)

7 yays
9 nays
2 so-so
  • zakzak786: Watched Aiyyaa outstanding movie, thoroughly enjoyed it :)
  • waa3d: I Saw #Aiyyaa Movie on saturday it was Very Good ☺ Rani was Superb ... Love her ♥
  • sunnyVIII: Aiyya a film @ankush1009 can be proud of. Liked it better than GOW , he does better producing or directing when canvas is small n intense
  • stillnuck: I love everything of aiyyaa :)
  • PhavanKaur: Watch #Aiyyaa last saturday, Nice to see Rani is back... I like her Marathi look in the movie. The movie was Simple and Funny! Love it :)
  • ambergupta007: Aiyya 1st of its kind ... Awesome... Erotica at its best.... <3..... Ijjat papad:-P
  • akshaykadam59: i like the film aiyya
  • dgk651: Aiyyaa . Yes watchable only for performance of Rani , but it could have been shortened by good @ 30 to 40 minutes.
  • chitrangadasing: Rani Mukerji's 'Aiyyaa' - Weird, Yet Watchable
  • sagarnautiyal: #aiyya waste of time and waste of money
  • realmachoman22: Can't believe #aiyya came from the script of #anuragkashyap..!...after an intelligent mafia movie like #gow he has gone from a hero to zero!
  • NaturesDoodle: if you survived to see Aiyyaa's ending then i salute you for your tolerance level!
  • Nabeel_Shaban: The award for d most irritating/annoying/ridiculous role n History goes to one Anita Date playing 'Maina' in 'Aiyya' I'm still in shock!
  • IndiaMovie: REVIEW: Aiyyaa! You Need Nerves of Steel to Withstand 'Gagabai': Director Sachin Kundalkar in his first Hindi mo...
  • imeawesome: Aiyya is plain torture. Rani's constant sniffing is such a turn off. :@ :@
  • FeudalThemmady: Watched #Aiyyaa.. Stupid movie!
  • disgruntledpoet: #Aiyyaa Disastrous!
  • AnkietChauhan: :'(...'Aiyya' dekh kar rona araha hai. Yeh movie banayi hi kyun hai? :'(