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Where weird goes terribly wrong and comes across as a desperate attempt to become quirky funny.



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It's been over a year and a half since the last Rani Mukerji film, No One Killed Jessica. I generally, like the films she picks, so I was reasonably excited to see that she's back. Till, till I realized she is playing a girl of a marriageable age. Not only that, but her character is all excitable and exuberant and likes to shriek just for thrills. This leaves too much scope for over-acting which is already demonstrated by the lady who plays her mother.

And guess what I find out next? The film is being produced by Anurag Kashyap. I certainly wouldn't have associated his name with a seemingly slapsticky, loud film. Now, I am truly intrigued. That combined with all the rave reviews for Amit Trivedi's music to the film puts Aiyya back in the 'looking forward to' category.

Also, Sachin Kundalkar as a director is a reasonably known name in the Marathi film industry and just his debut in the Hindi film industry will be something worth keeping an eye out for.

Yet, I am not too sure about the south Indian reference. They looks a little mocking to start with even if it is supposedly all in good humor, but it also feels like there must be a very good reason for picking the regions of India that the characters come from.

Yes, the songs have a very peppy edge to them and remind you of songs from Jitendra-Sridevi starrers of the 80s and of course songs from South Indian films.

So, I promise myself some lovely mixed feelings while walking into the theater for this one!

Music Reviews:
Milliblog - "After successfully scaling most other genres, Amit Trivedi leaves his stamp convincingly by delivering one of the most hip parody soundtracks in recent times."
Music Aloud – "8/10"
Bollywood Hungama – "4/5"
Bollyspice – "4/5"
Apun Ka Choice – "4/5"