Aa Dekhen Zara - Preview

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A smooth start with a rocky ending turns a romantic thriller into an unintentional comedy.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering how important it is for a Hindi film hero to dance...

I squirm everytime I see the Aa Dekhe Zaraa's trailor. Of course neither do thrillers require huge acting potential nor did Johnny Gaddar see Neil Nitin Mukesh get very emotive. But it worked as a thriller. And slotted Neil as a serious actor and certainly not the dance for masala kind of 'stars'.

It’s the Neil and thriller film combination that remind us of Johnny Gaddar while talking about Aa Dekhe Zara. Otherwise, there's no saying that the plot will be remotely as tight as Johnny Gaddar, right?

The concept of a camera making predictions vaguely reminds me of Mr. India and that genre of films. The kind in which a piece of equipment or gadget grants the protagonist/user a super-power. And then the film is about the use and abuse of the responsibility that the power brings along. That in combination with a thriller will be good fun if it doesn't have glaring loopholes.

What I like about just 2-3 people in the lead is that there is more room to develop character. Another interesting bit about characterization here is that the camera is treated as a character. That sounds extremely abstract and thus interesting. In an interview with The Hindu Neil says -

this camera is trying to make a contact with other characters in the film through this protagonist ... the actual narrative makes it all very simple for the audience to comprehend. </blockquote?

I hope that doesn't translate to spoon-feeding the audience.

Also Bipasha Basu supposedly has a well-rounded personality. Alas, only a little while later I read this in an interview with Bipasha

The heroine needed to be given a profession. It's only in one of the songs that I am shown turning discs and mixing music.

Oh well, hopefully her having a career will tell us something about her and the character will build upon that.

All will be clear in just a couple days. Meanwhile, I'm relishing the fact that a song from the 80s still makes us tap our feet and sing it out loud...