Review - Aa Dekhen Zara: plot malfunctions

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A smooth start with a rocky ending turns a romantic thriller into an unintentional comedy.



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Wogma Review

The single most important thing for a thriller to work is a lack of loopholes. From a story that seems to be smart and appears to have it all sorted-out Aa Dekhen Zara becomes so full of holes that you have to sieve through them to reach the basic plot.

At half-point you know you are not looking at some great work of art but you are looking forward to some quick-paced slick piece of thrill. And then you hear the cookie crumble, but you try to ignore it. "It can't be that bad" you say. And then you see it crumble and know that the damage is irreparable. The inevitable, irrelevant, sleazy dance begins. Some villainous looking men ask a sexy lady to dance and she obliges. Except that there is nothing fearsome about those guys. This one song is indescribably out-of-place not only situation-wise but also out-of-synch with the general tone of the movie. Not to mention that it's hilarious to see Neil Nitin Mukesh call Bipasha Basu gori (fair skinned).

And yet before any of this comes along there are other things that are avoided that make the film a tad bit charming. With something as powerful as a piece of equipment that can make predictions, the protagonists don't aim at anything lofty or altruistic. So, you don't see the film taking its purpose too seriously. Unfortunately, it takes itself too lightly and the entire suspense, "damn! What next?" results in an anti-climatic molehill.

Like most departments, the dialogues too are inconsistent. The occasionally witty lines dive into blech and float back to average. Thankfully though, Neil Nitin Mukesh's narration of his character, Ray's thoughts were not as annoying as such spoon-feeding can usually be. I really don't know how they managed that because Neil didn't really need to emote, his voiceover left no doubt about what he was thinking.

That still doesn't mean that he didn't act well. There's something that his eyes do which could have conveyed the thought if they were allowed to. Bipasha Basu playing DJ, Simi...well, she does the little bit she can emote if the audience can be bothered to look above her neck. Hey! I'm not being voyeuristic, she was there for a purpose and I damn well appreciate it, right? Well, she does her usual excellent job of looking good. Other than that, her costumes looked like costumes and not dresses that a normal person would wear. The rest of the cast has done a hideously superficial job.

Earlier in the movie though, I found myself enjoying the pace. It doesn't stop at anything or for anyone. Aa Dekhen Zara smoothly flows from one incident into another, especially in the beginning. I especially enjoyed the pace of the romance between Ray and Simi. In fact, I enjoyed a romantic moment in cinema after a long, long time. Later, like the rest of the movie, the even pace too becomes jerky because of the jumps it feels obligated to take.

Oh, by the way, if you are looking to take away some cool action sequences at the very least - let me save you some time, money, and energy. There's none. Some light, nice build-up is what we have in the first half and a burst balloon in the second.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Random fist fights.
  • Language: No profanity or sexual references.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A couple of sleazy pub dances.
  • Concept: Greed and power takes away the human in you. Nothing very specifically profound in it though.

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