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1920 Evil Returns

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Mystery of a possessed goody-good girl builds up to a lame backstory. This is only the excuse to show some disgusting kind of gory horror.

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106 tweeters have given 1920 Evil Returns an average rating of 2.2/5.0(?)

41 yays
55 nays
10 so-so
  • whitefeather101: 1920-evil returns not good as first part.....#movie
  • Vodkaalicious: Saw '1920 evil returns' today.. I shudn't have.. o.O
  • visu_g: 1920 evil returns. Movie is Good. Not a strong story but all d actors gave their best. BG score, music r big assets. Direction not up d mark
  • utkarshh99: 1920 evil returns is awesome......and nOw my bEst horror film...great actress yar Tia vajpei hats off......
  • Tutejajoginder: My review of 1920 - Evil Returns - An entertaining suspense tale
  • thetypicalakar: 1920-evil returns,another movie I endured only till the interval. The long list continues to grow. #myexperimentswithsuperflops
  • tbhamare: i advice for ppl that please dont go for 1920 evil returns....its jst a kind of comedy movie,...1920 was much better than this part...
  • sunyy7: just now finish, '1920 Evil Returns' ,, i would love 2 C again,,mysterious movie...everybody should see it.excelent music...luck of EmraanH.
  • sunnytandon1: 1920 evil returns awsm movie .... 1st par was ok nd after interval jst brilliant ......4/5.....dont miss it !
  • SriSuryaSpeaks: Saw 1920 evil returns a frightening movies realy nice enjoyed seeing with frnds . Gn every1.
  • soumyadeepn: 1920 evil returns wuz a sheer disappointment. Dramatically comedy..
  • Sniky_d7_: #1920 Evil returns is nice movie
  • simplycomplexEV: Mai hamesha sabki baato mai aa jaati hu..dekho aaj maine kya kiya.. 1920 evil returns dekhli.. :/
  • siddharthaalam: I'll give 1920: Evil returns ½*...Freaking Bad Movie in the name of Horror! Returned home with a headache! Wonder how it grossed 4Cr.
  • shivpink: 1920 evil returns- looks like vikram bhatt has lost it, the earlier part was way better.
  • sheemataji: 1920 Evil Returns suckxxxx big time
  • shariqueu4: 1920 - Evil Returns such a nice movie....aswame role Tia Bajpai,.....
  • Sharanpriyan: 1920: Evil Returns-definitely not for Horror movie lovers,second half of d movie will definitely keep you...
  • Saurabh2409: Award for The Most Wahiyaad Movie Of The Year goes to.... "1920 - Evil Returns"... :D :P
  • saravagi: 1920-Evil returns. #ChutiyaMovieOfTheYear
  • sanju_pj: 1920 evil returns Totally horror and nice movie
  • rushijogle: 1920 evil returns 3rd class movie
  • rozariocrispin: Dont forget 2 catch the best comedy of the season:) 1920 Evil Returns- via @RealReviewShow #RealReview Episode2 #fb #in
  • RoshniThankaraj: 1920 evil returns! Omfg! Never seen such a funny film! :D
  • roshikhanna: 1920 evil returns BAKWASS movie... no Horror dnt watch...
  • rjrahil: Bollywood grow up on horror flicks please, they give serious competition to our comedy ones !! 1920 evil returns big let down!!
  • rhusinism: just saw 1920 Evil returns. not as good as part one. But @twinklebajpai did a brilliant job.
  • rbnmishra: 1920-evil returns......nice movie...everybody should go n watch once!!!!
  • premthelove: 1920 – Evil Returns has enough chills and thrills to entertain the audience ***
  • praveen_lala: 1920 Evil returns is a good one time watch for the fans of this genre.. Avrg frst half,better secnd half,decent direction,good acting by Tia
  • prathamkumar: 1920 Evil returns.... max rating 2.5 , not so good to watch...
  • PrashantGosavi3: I saw your movie Today 1920 evil returns im your follower on Twitter and Fan Of Urs..nice Movie and Gr8 performance..Bst of Luck....
  • PavanSurvi: 1920 Evil Returns - Boring one.. If you are someone who likes to watch horror films, then this is definately not your cup of tea - 1.5/5
  • PathakAparna: #1920: Evil Returns dint scare me. B-) That's because I dint find any horror scenes. :D :p
  • pankaj8044: Enjoying 1920 evil returns faddu movie
  • nishantsingh500: Watched 1920 evil returns with raj and awesome movie...must watch...will taste much better if go in group
  • niresha_k: What a great movie. Always loved ur. Not a scary movie person but had to watch 1920 evil returns cos u are there. Great acting@aftab_ps
  • NiladriD: 1920 Evil Returns ..A watchable horror movie with a good presentation n Awesome performance by Tia Bajpai.could have been more scary though.
  • NikhilBhangale: Dialogues r pathetic. But 2nd half is decent gives a feel of The Exorcist.. !! #1920 - evil returns...
  • myfist4innocent: 1920 Evil Returns is hella scary. Must Watch Movie.
  • mumtazahmad123: 1920 evil returns is not a good taste for us it is just like a serial of doordarshan......
  • movieROCKstar: 1920 Evil Returns is scary : Movie Review: The film is a good horror work from the house of Vikram Bhatt which s...
  • mayankkhoba1: enjoying 1920 Evil Returns Official with Yogesh Gupta Nishant Bhardwaj & Vivek Mavi ...... awesome movie .......... M2K, Rohini :D :D :D :D
  • mayan3100488: 1920 evil returns....the worst u can ever imagine......but thanks to egg roll n heal my wounds... :P
  • marudhurikishor: Yesterday ni8 saw 1920 EVIL RETURNS not so gudddd......... :-P
  • manoOol_Shaikh: 1920 evil returns was just so worst -.-
  • manoj_seth: 1920 evil returns.... one time watchable :)
  • MandarJain: 1920 evil returns. Bakwas evil. Why dont u leave film industry aftab for god sake pls.
  • loveme_followme: Watched 1920 Evil Returns with Ricky Thakur Awesome movie...
  • kshah0171: 1920 - Evil returns sucks , waste of money , uselesss !
  • k4khas: 1920 evil returns amazing movie
  • justlikecrap: 1920 evil returns is probably the most cliched horror movie ever!
  • junemason74: Review: 1920: Evil Returns is not scary at all: Even if you are a fan of horror movies, this one is not somethin...
  • journokaran: Watched 1920 Evil Returns in morning ! Remake of 1920! Nothing new ! One-time watch !
  • JohnnyCruise2: 1920 is far way better than 1920-Evil Returns
  • JassPreetHayer1: watched #1920 #Evil #Returns....the film succeeds in bringing the chills down the spine..#Tia deserves accolades for job wonderfully done.!!
  • jaspreetnandre: 1920 - Evil Returns is such a disaster.. Comedy superseded the Horror. Waste of time!
  • JaiswalAkarsh: 1920-Evil Returns Rockss!!
  • its_Mehul: If u love n respect Horror movies then kindly do not watch 1920 Evil Returns !!
  • intweetz: 1920: Evil Returns is just about watchable ->
  • imrealAshu: Watched 1920 Evil Returns 2day. Theoretically I shld've scared but practically ive laughed a lot ovr typical old hindi dialogues. #Bollywood
  • hiteshm418: 1920 evil returns awesome movie......
  • guru_patel: Watched.... 1920 Evil Returns Official Very Nice Movie !!!!
  • GulaabiAakhein: Watched 1920 - Evil Returns ! It's quite tolerable ! Definitely Not a Bad movie ! Timepass stuff ! 2.5 stars
  • GowdaBSBharath: Movie Review : 1920: Evil Returns :: :: @devscribbler says: The evil should have stayed back in 1920@phalanetra
  • GKranthi: The Only scary thing in 1920 Evil Returns is that it stars Aftab Shivdasani and Vidya Malvade! It's over the top idiotic & gross!! #ItSucks
  • getanis20: 1920:Evil returns.....and boredom prevails.... :(
  • GasolinaGangsta: 1920 eViL reTurNs ...aWesmE mOviE iN "d.h.u.n.k.i" :.. ...
  • fundoofun: 1920: Evil Returns is good for horror lovers: Film: 1920: Evil Returns; Rating: *** After delivering a success...
  • Filmy_Pandit: Short review of 1920 evil returns - Scary few times but Funny all the time!!!
  • Fauziakhan: 1920-evil returns..awful movie
  • ET24HOURS: 1920 Evil Returns Movie Review - Movie rating 2/5 1920 Evil Returns Movie Review: Couldn't carry the 1920 scariness
  • emraanhashmi786: Pre-Diwali days notwithstanding,1920-Evil Returns off to a flying start!No top stars,just the 1920 brand and Vikram Bhatt's brand of horror.
  • Dreameta4: 1920 Evil Returns is a super hit !!!
  • DonyaPatel: #Celebrity My family enjoyed 1920 - Evil Returns Aftab #BollyWood
  • djhemang: 1920 Evil returns ♥
  • divyang9696: Boaring movie 1920 evil returns
  • Dipika_B: 1920 Evil returns has been watched.. And well the evil is not to be seen. Definitely preferred 1920 to this.
  • DileepBatra: Review: 1920: Evil Returns - this won't disappoint you
  • DGUNFATHOMABLE: Just watched 1920 evil returns. Fucking awesome movie. #bollywood #1920evilreturns #movie
  • deogire: 1920: Evil Returns is funny than spooky. Read my review of another horror flick from Vikram Bhatt's stable-
  • DabanngBoy: Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana & 1920 Evil Returns are both Chutiyapa Movies..Its Sad Celebs are giving positive reviews just for Goodwill :-(
  • Choti_dubey: Saw 1920 evil returns.I still wonder how did i manage to survive in there for 2 hours. 1920 was far better than the sequel.
  • chitriyala: 1920-Evil Returns Movie Review: Rating 2.75/5 - One Blog:
  • chetanp47825052: 1920_evil_returns bakwass movie
  • BSNLLiVE3G: 1920 - Evil Returns review: 1920 Evil Returns is yet another needless horror film. It's cold and bland. Read...
  • brij1257: 1920 evil returns kya movie h super.......
  • BolegaGossips: 1920-Evil Returns, leaves you simply disappointed!
  • bharat00: 1920 Evil Returns - is cliched with lots of grunting and groaning - better avoid it !
  • Beingsekharkar: 1920 evil returns......wat a has d edge of fear......aftr a long tym m satisfied wid sequel of ne muvy
  • BeingNagarwala: 1920 evil returns Awesome movie
  • baba1582: What a movie made by vikram bhatt It's really a scary movie ''1920 evil returns''
  • avni_137: Watched '1920-Evil Returns' today. It was not as scary as I expected it to be :P
  • arka1162: Today Saw "1920 Evil Returns" ......Gud Movie....
  • APGoel: 1920 Evil Returns: The most hilarious movie I hv seen in 2012. I started making evil sounds in the theatre. It was one of a kind experience.
  • AnujaCute13: 1920 evil returns! Not bad!
  • ankitvansariya: 1920 Evil Returns nyc story bt nt that much horror....:P :P All over mv is gud.... :) :)
  • AmardeepSarkar: 1920 evil returns... a must watch movie guyzz... wat an acting by Tia Bajpai..!! best of all bollywood horror movies...
  • alka623: 1920 evil returns Bakwaas movie... Lets see Skyfall tomorrow
  • aks_hai: 1920: evil returns ka genre "horror" sey "comedy" kar dena chahiye !
  • Ajeethacker: 2day watched 1920 Evil Returns Official movie 1st day 1st show wid some 1 special njod id alot bht maja kiye
  • ahmed2ik: very superb film #1920.evil.returns @twinklebajpai @aftab_ps superb act aftab welcome back!!!!
  • aditya_grover: 1920 - EVIL RETURNS [Movie Review] (1.5/5) Reviewed by: ADITYA GROVER “1920 - Evil Returns” is inscrutably...
  • aayushwolvie: While 80 % of the movie was laughable 1920 evil returns seemed to b a poor attempt like a c grade hollywood horror flick....
  • AakashMohata: 1920 Evil Returns is the worst horror movie i have ever seen. A piece of shit.
  • 9920752801: nice movie 1920 evil returns..

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Comments (7)


Seems like Bhatt productions are stuck with doing horror films after the success of Haunted, Raaz 3....
nothing really great about them.... About 1920 I havent seen it yet... hope not like Bhoot Returns


@silvan I hope so too.


As I said in your review of 1920, Meetu, the religious angle didn't bother me or any of my pardesi friends at all. In fact, it added some richness to the story, and was ultimately a hopeful view of religion and faith - and the power of love to conquer even supernatural evil.

It's Halloween in the United States, so we're going to watch RAAZ next Sunday. This past Sunday there were only a few of us thanks to both a sore throat going around and people trying to get home in the face of what our news media is calling "Frankenstorm"(!). So instead of a horror movie, we watched TOH BAAT PAKKI! - which was too dull to be horrifying, or much of anything really....


@TimELiebe I had a strong feeling you'd be leaving a comment on this one :) Like I said, I personally have a difficult time watching any kind of blind faith in action. Again, hope all is well at your end.

guddu :

Meetu there seems to be a pre conceived notion among the makers that sucn cheap scary discarded films might result in good revenue. Anyways they are going to enjoy profit and audience feedback and critics verdict aren't their concern.


@guddu well, we do our bit :D


@guddu - oh, there are always plenty of suckers around who will give a horror movie a chance, no matter how stupid it probably is!

Like, uh ::raises hand sheepishly:: me....

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