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1920 Evil Returns - Preview

1920 Evil Returns

quick review:

Mystery of a possessed goody-good girl builds up to a lame backstory. This is only the excuse to show some disgusting kind of gory horror.

Another month, another horror flick from the Bhatt camp. And this one doesn't make me look forward to it. Fortunately, this time around it is for the right reasons. It is not because I will end up laughing more than getting horrified but actually there is a good chance that I will get that genuine crawl under my skin which I so hate. It looks like an overall good job of atmosphere, acting, make-up and directing.

There was this other thing that bothered me in 1920, its take on religion. This angle seems to be missing from this film, at least from what is seen in this one trailer. But, I guess it would be foolish to expect any resolution of a ghost without a hand of religion. I just hope it is a more balanced take.

Besides that, Aftab Shivdasani shows up after a longish time, but looks like he will only be playing second fiddle to the ghost played by Tia Bajpai. With this cast, we do know that there will be barely any similarity with its predecessor and the 1920 in the name is either for using the following that might have been gained by the first film or complete lack of creativity.

Since, everything that comes out of the Bhatt camp, especially in this genre is pretty much the same, I am not expecting any dynamism in the story. Even the music seems to be once again typical of what one gets from the Bhatts. The visuals though look like they will engage (even if not in a way I enjoy the most).

Music Reviews:
Milliblog - "Blah Bhatt music template."
Bollywood Hungama - "3/5"
Bollyspice - "3.5/5"

1920 Evil Returns - Movie Details

1920 Evil Returns - Trailer

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Seems like Bhatt productions are stuck with doing horror films after the success of Haunted, Raaz 3....
nothing really great about them.... About 1920 I havent seen it yet... hope not like Bhoot Returns


@silvan I hope so too.


As I said in your review of 1920, Meetu, the religious angle didn't bother me or any of my pardesi friends at all. In fact, it added some richness to the story, and was ultimately a hopeful view of religion and faith - and the power of love to conquer even supernatural evil.

It's Halloween in the United States, so we're going to watch RAAZ next Sunday. This past Sunday there were only a few of us thanks to both a sore throat going around and people trying to get home in the face of what our news media is calling "Frankenstorm"(!). So instead of a horror movie, we watched TOH BAAT PAKKI! - which was too dull to be horrifying, or much of anything really....


@TimELiebe I had a strong feeling you'd be leaving a comment on this one :) Like I said, I personally have a difficult time watching any kind of blind faith in action. Again, hope all is well at your end.

guddu :

Meetu there seems to be a pre conceived notion among the makers that sucn cheap scary discarded films might result in good revenue. Anyways they are going to enjoy profit and audience feedback and critics verdict aren't their concern.


@guddu well, we do our bit :D


@guddu - oh, there are always plenty of suckers around who will give a horror movie a chance, no matter how stupid it probably is!

Like, uh ::raises hand sheepishly:: me....

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