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The concept of a TV haunting you is truly spooky but it is introduced in such a laidback fashion that you lose interest within the first twenty minutes. And later when the chills do begin it is too little too late.



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8 readers have given 13B an average rating of 2/5.0.
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  • So-So by Lyricswale.com: Good one. The story line is a bit weak banging the story connecting it to some past events happened
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Tamillyrics.co.in: So much for original story. It's a repackaging of Spielberg's Poltergeist with "Saas be kabhi Bahu t
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Enjoylyrics.com: potentially scary concept was completely messed up. But, just imagine this. All the soap operas on
  • So-So by Telugulyrics.co.in: Madhavan though does a good job of portraying Manohar's anger, his frustration, his vulnerability. T
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Hindilyrics4u.co.in: the movie took a turn for the better in the latter half didn't help much, because by then the enthu
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by GlassMan: 80
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by divorce advice:
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by articles written: