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The concept of a TV haunting you is truly spooky but it is introduced in such a laidback fashion that you lose interest within the first twenty minutes. And later when the chills do begin it is too little too late.



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Wogma Review

Movie ticket: Rs. 150
Coffee + water: Rs. 60
Guy in front of you banging his head in despair: PRICELESS

It's nice to know you have company for your sentiment towards the movie, right? I've never fancied horror too much. But while watching 13B I was wondering what I dislike more - the squirms when the movie is done well or the annoying 'typical' camerawork and background score which make it unintentionally funny. Some of these standard techniques were just too in the face and obviously annoying.

That the movie took a turn for the better in the latter half didn't help much, because by then the enthusiasm of watching the movie had worn off. And since the TV is doing the haunting and making accurate forecasts, you end up seeing everything twice - once in the TV prediction and then in the movie. And sometimes the makers feel obliged to repeat a dialogue or two even after the first repetition. And if not that, then the TV was spoon-feeding us just in case we missed the point that real life was replicating reel life. Not to mention that the appliances taking over life bit is rubbed in till you are just about to begin tearing your hair apart.

And why is there such a lack of creativity in trying to horrify us? When was the last time violins rising up to a crescendo didn't bring snickers and eye-rolls? I was craving a normal, straight, non-close-up shot. Some bits are so slow that the director without a doubt knew that the audience would know what is about to happen. Then, why would he do that? And am I the only one bothered when 'the unknown entity' is obsessed with the house address without any rhyme or reason?

Madhavan though does a good job of portraying Manohar's anger, his frustration, his vulnerability. The rest of the cast is just about ok.

A potentially scary concept was completely messed up. But, just imagine this. All the soap operas on television - what if our real life starts replicating them. Or we believe that our lives are replicating them and they become self-fulfilling prophecies. Now, that's what I call horror!

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: People being hammered to death.
  • Language: References to sexual positions.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Hint that 'making love' is on its way.
  • Concept: Ghosts, the paranormal and such.
  • General Look and Feel: Its dull and dry. There wouldn't be much to keep a kid interested.

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It's a very nice movie...a new theme for the movie which encouraged to pull the audience.

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