13B - Preview

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The concept of a TV haunting you is truly spooky but it is introduced in such a laidback fashion that you lose interest within the first twenty minutes. And later when the chills do begin it is too little too late.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering if this one will retain my dislike for horror by making my insides squirm or will it like most other "horror" stories make me laugh unintentionally...

Another movie that promises to be different. Not just because the makers claim so but the promos and plot do offer hope.

Like a lot of human lives, the movie revolves around TV. And what if, one fine day, the TV takes over control replicating your control over the remote? Spooky.

The promos do have the standard - hurling humans, shattering objects, squeaky knives on wood sounds, hooded dude and all that jazz. I can also imagine the Psycho-delic violent violin strumming with the camera walking as if the one holding it is the murderer. It's what will come after and beyond that, which might chill.

National award winning director, Vikram K. Kumar hit upon this concept when he came saw this news item -

One fine day he [Vikram K Kumar] saw a news bulletin, where television sets distributed by a politician resulted in his winning the elections.

I'm looking forward to seeing Poonam Dhillon on screen, more out of nostalgia than anything else. And maybe this time Neetu Chandra will have a little bit of a meat to her role for us to get a glimpse of her 'talent'. And of course, I've always looked out for work by R. Madhavan from his Banegi Apni Baat days. Ahem!

Alas, he's done only 7-8 Hindi films only because of lack of interesting plots -

I would be doing gross injustice to my (Tamil) producers if I play second or third lead in Hindi films because I get to play solo leads there. Plus, the stories and concepts I work in give me ample scope to exhibit my talent. I wouldn't mind Hindi films if I came across exciting scripts.

13B is one of the very few Hindi films with him in the lead. And it is being made in Tamil too. Though he seems to have been totally gripped by it, his reaction amused me.

...when he [Vikram K Kumar] finished narrating the first half, I literally took a fruit knife and said to him if you don't finish the story like the first half is, I will kill you. So he said no, no let me tell you the second half and sure enough it was not as good as the first half, but I said it's just phenomenal and never been done before so lets sit and work on it...

And work on it, they supposedly did. Whether it was good enough, we'll know soon enough.

Meanwhile, the promotional song 'sexy mama' got into trouble because of ... yep, you got that right ... the word 'sexy'. The most hilarious bit is that the Tamil promo got a more liberal rating AND they got to keep the word while the Hindi one got an 'A' (Adult) rating and the word had to be changed.

What amuses me even better is that now I know that the word 'sexy' was used even before seeing the movie or its promos. Otherwise, I wouldn't even know. And this whole certification bit will only create more buzz around the movie.

Anyway, the promo song fulfills all requirements of its nomenclature. Cheesy and irrelevant lyrics, generic music, bikini-clad women, and the protagonist acting completely out of character. Yeah you sort-of can tell even without having seen the movie - compare the song to the trailers. Here you go -

The official site interestingly has had over 5 million hits already. That is quite some achievement. True, the site loads really fast compared to other movie sites. And it also has a list of creepy stories. The kind you could potentially use around a campfire on a dark night out with friends.

For now, let's see how this story works out in a dark theater.