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wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?) - That too for kids only, adults don't bother.
quick review:

Harry Potter meets Krissh meets not-so-Home-Alone, unfortunately in a very superficial, blah sort-of a way. And yet, there is enough for the under-10s to enjoy indoors on a hot summer day.



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8 tweeters have given Zokkomon an average rating of 1.6/5.0(?)

2 yays
5 nays
1 so-so
  • Viv_Bag: Zokkomon, we will never be able to make a good Kid Movie here, even if Disney tries it here...melodrama, bull shit
  • VijayGanguly: Zokkomon- a very sweet childrens film, should see the song shiamak choreographed.:-)
  • r1kartik: Not bad I say for a first time superhero movie. But wud have expected more attention to detail from Disney #zokkomon
  • SunnyMetalFan: Zokkomon, Another shitty Indian Stupid "superhero" fiction movie : l
  • firesail25: one of the worst ,idiotic movie of all times coming out today -#zokkomon
  • dezinezync: Zokkomon. #really #fail
  • Bertromavich: Review: Zokkomon: The film is derivative, relentlessly foolish and staggeringly boring. Zokkomon is yet another ... http://bit.ly/fwFUfi
  • AmyBakeswithMom: Review: Zokkomon is another dud for Darsheel: Good versus evil. The age old theme of all superhero films. And ki... http://bit.ly/gWTK2H