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All the witty one-liners are in the trailer. The rest of the film is tacky with a story line that's all over the place.



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55 tweeters have given Welcome 2 Karachi an average rating of 2.3/5.0(?)

23 yays
27 nays
5 so-so
  • zoyaaltaf: Don't watch "welcome to Karachi " :s they have portrayed Karachi the way it is not :/
  • yadav212: Just seen Welcome 2 karachi Super Awesome Movie..Great piece of work by #Arshadwarsi n #Jackybhagnani..Mja aavi gyio :-D
  • WithDueRespct: Welcome to karachi.... A bookwassssssss movie with no sense 2 hour ki movie 10 mints me dekh li
  • vivmeister: Welcome to karachi one of the first movies that I walked out of the theater in the first half hour. So bad so bad.
  • Vineets62085022: Papa na Pappu what a bore "welcome to Karachi"why can't they make some sensible movies and when I tell them they don't believe .
  • udayveer_uv: just watched welcome to karachi.written good performed better allover an entertaining film.,jacky and arshad increases the level of humour
  • theblindlemon: Watched Welcome to Karachi. Apparently I always find a way to torture myself.
  • ThatPerfectCule: Please do watch WELCOME TO KARACHI! Amazing movie, you'll die laughing!
  • TeenMurderer: Don't watch Welcome 2 Karachi, extremely racist movie and has absolutely no plot at all
  • sibasahu: Wtfucker movie welcome 2 Karachi it was ... Waste of time and money ...
  • SharmillaKhanna: Critics gave 1 on 5 to "welcome to Karachi" that's way too much or mayb 1 is for Arshad Warsi ( who is wasted on movie) ...
  • shadshaks: #Welcome 2 Karachi Damn entertaining movie....
  • SeepiTechi: Welcome 2 Karachi was so fun to watch. Kedar's my favorite! Everyone was laughing throughout the movie. Its amazing! @jackkybhagnani
  • sagarcasm: Welcome 2 Karachi could have been a great movie if they had better jokes on Pakistan in it. Should have copied from Twitter.
  • SaadAsif1: Welcome 2 Karachi was awesome
  • RWBadshah: Watch out "welcome to karachi" - my ratings 6.5/10 , but the indo-pak comedy is hard to miss
  • rajeshrdk: Issued in public interest. DO NOT WATCH WELCOME TO KARACHI.
  • RadioMirchiUAE: Welcome to Karachi is in the cinemas!Wacth it for these two super fun people, @jackkybhagnani @LaurenGottlieb ;) http://twitter.com/RadioMirchiUAE/status/604903824692641792/photo/1
  • priyankamundada: Welcome to karachi... Good film... @ArshadWarsi is out standing... Its so his own sense of humor... Cheers
  • one_by_two: 'Welcome to Karachi' is so bad that you wish Bhai carries Arshad Warsi & Jackyy Bhagnani on his shoulders & drops them to Pakistan forever
  • nihallelujah: People, DO NOT watch 'Welcome to Karachi'.
  • NanguPanguu: Welcome to Karachi is equivalent to what I flush every morning.
  • monarchvercetti: I watched Welcome To Karachi. Because why not. and this launda, Jackky Bhagnani is not as bad as it seems.
  • Manavi_19: Welcome to Karachi ! fast paced, comedy, makes for a good one time watch movie! Made me crave hardcore non-veg food in 45degree delhi heat
  • LOAFerr: 'Welcome to Karachi' is like 'Comedy Nights with Kapil'. Silly and stupid but really funny. Won't earn huge, TV audience will enjoy it!
  • KumarGov000: # welcome to Karachi we awesome
  • khalidrafiq140: Welcome 2 Karachi Critics Review: Average slapstick Comedy http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Blogtobollywood/~3/UaSAeiBvxkU/
  • KamathGurudutt: WELCOME TO KARACHI: 1.5/5, a dud film. Highly moronic tom foolery. Jacky at his worst. Film had potential, but flops.
  • Jug_gler: Welcome to Karachi ! Movie <3
  • JatinShet: Watched Welcome 2 Karachi last night. Epic comedy.. A must watch for comedy lovers
  • JamesLewisBro: Welcome to Karachi was Bants, good movie
  • ItnaSarah: So I seen welcome to Karachi twice in a row. Is that movie banned in Pakistan btw?
  • idnidhi24: Welcome to Karachi!! loll :'D good one
  • iamAnanDActor: Today am watched film Welcome to Karachi with this film Actor @jackkybhagnani . wow so entertaining film. http://twitter.com/iamAnanDActor/status/604197563349098496/photo/1
  • HoneyHammadkhan: Bekaar movie Welcome 2 Karachi :/ :/ :/ :/
  • hinaparveen9: welcome 2 karachi...a big flop.no concept,no motivation...arey yaar marna hai toh goli mardo lekin aisi film mat banau.
  • grohit4540: Welcome to karachi nice hahahaha
  • GarbarfiedBae: Ghalti se bhi nahi dekhni yeh kutti movie 'Welcome to Karachi'. Nafrat mazeed barh jaani hai in khabeeson k lie
  • GadhviDhanraj: Nice movie WELCOME 2 KARACHI, Very nice
  • Divyesh_Kothari: Welcome to karachi sad movie
  • dhun111: I rated Welcome to Karachi (2015) 1/10 #IMDb. Bakwas. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4023852
  • dhaivatraval: Watched Welcome 2 Karachi ! A very good movie & super funny acting done by @jackkybhagnani & @ArshadWarsi ! Full comedy / Paisa wasool movie
  • daylightzombie: Welcome to karachi is an amazing movie xD
  • BollywoodF: “Welcome to Karachi” is as pale as Jackky Bhagnani’s Filmy carrier.
  • BhopalHouse: Welcome 2 Karachi has so far been the longest twenty minutes of my life. Longing for the sweet release of death at this point.
  • babbly_girl: Don't watch welcome 2 Karachi, I repeat don't watch it
  • arvindtiwari07: Watched Welcome To Karachi Today .Totally flop and very bad story and badly directed.
  • AroobaASodagar: It's like they're trying to take revenge for 'Waar'. Guess what? Waar was classy, Welcome To Karachi isn't.
  • apurvnagpal: Welcome 2 Karachi: My review: Mindless nonsense, makes you laugh once every 15 minutes but terrible in-between http://apurvbollywood.blogspot.in/2015/05/welcome-2-karachi.html
  • ankur130: WELCOME 2 KARACHI boring, waste of money
  • AlexMujeeb: Welcome to Karachi epic movie but have showed a lot horrible Pakistan.
  • AditMehta5: Awesome movie super up acting by Jacky n arshad n also laurel their movie welcome to karachi
  • Abhi_aJoshi: Just saw Welcome 2 Karachi. Fantastic entertaining movie.i will definitely await for its 2nd part.
  • 55538Khan: Watch welcome to karachi awesome film kudos to arshad and bhagnani