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It's awesome that a film with a non-glam lady actor in the lead was produced. It brings greater joy that the story is about an everyday girl and she doesn't have some high profile job or boyfriend/husband. Alas, all of this becomes "blah" before you know it. What could have been a celebration of all things woman might just make all women turning 30 into a laughing stock.



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56 tweeters have given Turning 30!!! an average rating of 3.2/5.0(?)

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19 nays
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  • zainabjabri: Turning 30... Awesome movie.. Go n watch
  • XzanderCage: Watched turning 30 .... Yesterday ... The movie was good ... But the second half was a bit too long to handle ....
  • Vishalanam: Turning 30.. Too realistic to be just a movie and yet with Happy Ending. I liked it.. Go watch...
  • vipulsatya: Turning 30 is a brilliant movie. A must watch. Worth every second. Simple subtle and brilliant acting by @gulpanag :) #10on10
  • uday_1991: I jst watched "turning 30", i lyk mvie
  • togetherinlife: Turning 30...great movie & then a gr8 time in Hard rock cafe.
  • thebongbabe: My take on Turning 30: Sexy, witty, smart and true to life!
  • sujayray: Best scene of Turning 30 was when @gulpanag was driving the RE Thunderbird, and best dialogue when Purab said "I can sink into her dimples"
  • sonaliranade: http://tinyurl.com/67sqdrl There are few movies made for urban working women. @gulpanag identifies us as nobody can. Go see the movie!!
  • ShutterCrazy: I did like #Turning 30. All the actors were great! Very real, didn't revolve around a hero! But I don't think 1/2
  • samirmansuri: gul u look really best on bike!!!!! ur turning 30 rocks,hop see u more like that...
  • rohitbio2007: Turning 30!! Nice movie
  • ravikapoor: Turning 30: It's about today's urban woman, her struggles & how she overcomes 'em. Absolutely loved @gulpanag's slapstick humor! #pass
  • rahulnanda86: Turning 30 in theatres today!! Do what it!! I loved it :)
  • piyal_mukherjee: Watched Gul Panag's rebounds on 'Turning 30' - Agree tht its more of a Chick Flick, but I personally liked the movie... Good one!
  • phalange_chips: had a really nice night! #watched Turning 30, had Subway Chicken Salad for dinner and to keep myself warm got me a #Costa Coffee :D :)
  • pallavikaa: My take on 'Turning 30': Not my type of movie but certainly recommended for Gul Panag fans, myself included. her career best: Dor, Manorama.
  • Nidhik20: In other news .. Just watched Turning 30 .. n trust me @gulpanag is just wowwww in d movie!!She hs acted so damn well .. Deserves an award.
  • musingsman: Battery dead last night..beginning the day about "Turning 30"...well done @gulpanag Paisa Wasool..wish more such realistic films wr made
  • Mr_Twirt: Turning 30 jus took me by surprise. The best thing I cud hav done this sunday :D @gulpanag u rock. 2nd movie in a row and u want me craving!
  • missmalini: Nice work @gulpanag @PurabKohli! Totally enjoyed Turning 30. Also the soundtrack is surprisingly good :)
  • lovableaarti: turning 30 good realistic muvi!
  • KadwaDhatura: Just watched 'turning 30.'@gulpanag again made me fall I'n love with her once again. Stoled all the accolades. #win
  • Jhunjhunwala: My weekend has started well.I've seen 2 awesome movies - @gulpanag 's Turning 30 and Yamla Pagla Deewana.Both Rock.
  • janiemarek: Turning 30 review: It has its moments but misses the mark: Despite this some people dread aging or in this case,... http://bit.ly/hX3elW
  • IamDeepikaRM: "@MissMalini: @Purab_Kohli I loved Turning 30!" Me too.. But I felt purab was very under used.. Looked sooper hot though!!!
  • HindiPoet: Turning 30 is awesome Movie .. a must watch .. GUL is best at act :) @gulpanag
  • hifiab: turning 30, a classical act, made 4 classes, but will fail to deliver commercially
  • awtaney: Turning 30: realistic screenplay.
  • arpanak10: Turning 30! is a good movie to watch :-)
  • anandpar: Turning 30... A tad pretentious maybe, but eminently watchable...
  • Amit_J: Turning 30 is a wonderful movie... It's a must watch #movie.
  • Abinash03111992: Luv d fact dt our cinema's evolving!With films lyk turning 30 actresses r also gett'g meaty roles! Viewer get 2 see sumth'g new! @gulpanag
  • aakanshasethi: Turning thirty is awesome! Must watch
  • shadanmd: Turning 30 is a decent movie..but didnt excite me much..as i hve already dealth with d idea at extent long back..bt the mvie will hve takers
  • PillaiMK: Somewhere down the second half, the script does slip into cliches and the phobia of turning 30 gets a bit exaggerated.
  • neenzin: Turning 30, poorly directed yet fun to watch! Loosely tries to adapt the carrie-big relationship.
  • vodkaholic: While the world goes gaga over Golden Globes, here's my review of Turning 30: Terribly disappointing. Second half was better. Purab is HAWT.
  • vishalmundra04: Huh...turning 30 seems to be a disaster...some cheap humor...all in all waste of time.
  • vidya83: If you cringe every time someone cries in a film, it must be bad. #Turning 30
  • veryvitriolic: Turning 30 is a monumental disaster. The definitive proof that being a stud girl on twitter doesn't add up to shit
  • tishya_khillare: Turning 30 was all bout Gul Panag and her clinging on to Rishabh. What an #EpicFail portrayal of an independent thinking Indian woman.
  • SudhishKamath: Turning 30: The writing! Fuck. The writing! Never thought a day would come when I would call Aisha a classic. Feel really bad for Gul 3.5/10
  • spotlessmind27: am really really sorry @gulpanag ...expected loads out out turning 30, super let down :(
  • sauravbhanot: Turning 30 was very bad ! Hated it!
  • saurabhtyagi: [email protected] B grade Indian version of SATC..full of clitches abt urban Indian single woman..the intention was rite but the execution sucks!
  • price4u2: Turning 30!!! is a chick-flick that lacks fun: is a women-centric flick that takes inspiration from the 'Bridget... http://bit.ly/fygynM
  • nishioswal: Turning 30...Prakash Jha, after making some critically acclaimed n award winning films, something filthy like this is just unacceptable..
  • nabilazaidi: Bollywood should take my advice rather seriously - GIVE UP ON CHICK FLICKS... U CAN NOT MAKE EM! Aisha! Turning 30! #wtf
  • mugdhakalra: Saw one of the worst films ever 'turning 30'. What a disaster!!!
  • mirchiplex: Turning 30 gets 2 mirchi at #Mirchiplex meter http://bit.ly/f9kE3D
  • kranium256: Turning 30 IS THE SADDEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!! AARRRGGGHHH!! It's got inconsistent acting and a whole bunch of things gone wrong. Argh.
  • iprasadpatkar: Trust me Turning 30 isn't as astoundingly painful as the film
  • Bhadauriya18: Turning 30 must be a nightmare. But I'm sure it isn't as agonizingly painful as the film.
  • annavetticad: My revw of Turning 30. Sad to say 'tis a silly film! http://annavetticadgoes2themovies.blogspot.com/
  • aneebunee: Saw Turning 30. Went in with no expectations & still came out disappointed. Story was ok. What happened with the dialogues, styling, acting?