Tere Mere Phere - Preview

wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
quick review:

If the film had talent that didn't have limitations, if the writing had been crisper, if the editing had been even crisper, maybe we could have judged the debutant director. There are a few laughs, but they come too late in the film and even so, are few and far between.



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Vinay Pathak is one of those names that instantly makes me look forward to a film. So there is a strong hope that the upcoming rom-com Tere Mere Phere is likely to provide decent entertainment. And who doesn't love marital banter? Hopefully it will be in moderation and will spoof life at home appropriately.

The premise is indeed interesting. Vinay Pathak's character seems to be eager about getting married having fallen in love, etc. But he meets a really bad example of newlyweds. I loved the way they describe either other in the trailer. Let’s hope they don't make it into a loud slapstick film though. Because, the actors playing them come across as bad example of actors too, but maybe we can save that judgment till we've seen more of them. It’s just that as far as the trailer goes, their expressions are rather wooden.

The other "star", Riya Sen is looking gorgeous in Indian attire. I don't quite remember seeing her dressed liked this in a Hindi film. Hopefully, she will also have a role worth talking about.

The other exciting thing about Tere Mere Phere is that Deepa Sahi is directing it. Though she is more popular as Maya, I still fondly remember her as the dutiful bhabhi from Hum. Other than the fact that she is woman and we have very few women film-makers, there is something about her screen persona which makes me curious about her other ventures.

A light comedy, maybe a few insights about relationships, a fine actor and curiosity about a person we've only seen as an actor - Tere Mere Phere looks like it will be worth a shot.