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wogma rating: Add to 'must watch' list (?) - For Bond and action buffs, it is a theatre watch for sure
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A more intense Bond film than the usual, Sam Mendes-directed Skyfall thankfully packs in no Mattel-worthy gadgets like the ones of old. Instead, it actually concentrates on themes other than 'cool'. A beautifully shot action film with a little less action than one would have liked, Skyfall is nevertheless great fun.

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Agree with your review completely. If I had to rate all three movies since the reboot or Daniel Craig, I'd rate this probably after Casino Royale and Quantam of Solace because they were two films in continuation so more like 1. But I certainly hope the next one takes us deeper. While Skyfall shows light on the emotional ends of its characters more than any other bond movie it certainly lacks a bit in the absolute in your face thrill factor which is some what of an expectation. Casino Royale nailed that bit just well.

Pradeep Menon:

@Harpreet: Yes, I agree. I liked that they thought of going into a bit more of Bond this time. I liked Casino Royale, but I still think that Skyfall is the best Bond film in a long, long time. That isn't saying much, since the last two decades have seen very ordinary Bond films.

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