Rocky Handsome - Preview

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Action choreographers do their job best. The rest couldn't be bothered.



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Rocky Handsome's trailer opens with a romantic track and it plays long enough for you to wonder if Rocky Handsome is only about John Abraham being handsome. As the track switches, you see the romance fade away into gloom and you wonder if it is yet another revenge saga. And then, everything you have seen so far seems to have no bearing to what you are currently watching.

Thankfully, this last bit is the longest and most interesting part of the trailer and makes me look forward to the film. The action to go along with it is stylish, gruesome and leaves a mark. Add to that, the name of a director who has a decent record with thrillers and you wish to forget the apprehension that the first half of the trailer brought. Maybe it was just a tool to get the viewer watching. But then again, what does it say about the film, if they have to use tools for engagement tactics, play games with the audience?

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