Return of Hanuman (Albanian, Arabic) - Notepad

[Poster for Return of Hanuman]
wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

The bits that will entertain kids will not work for adults and vice versa. The concept is novel and there are funny lines, no doubt. But neither of that in enough quantity to keep your attention.



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Plot Summary

The mythological figure, Hanuman, wants to go to earth for a vacation. Soon enough, vacation ends up becoming work because the Gods want his help in resolving a crisis on earth.

What Worked

  • Use of blue to show bloodshed instead of red
  • The scenes where the eagles and the bees multiply
  • Monkeys of different colors uniting to fight against evil, symbolizing how people of all colors can do that too, if they like.
  • King Kong acting like King Khan - six pack, et al.