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The very foundation of this murder mystery is ridiculous! Top it off with an expressionless Celina Jaitley and a just about average performance by Aftab Shivdasani. Even if it is a short film, your time will be better spent sleeping.



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Thumbs down by Nikhil Kumar, Apun Ka Choice ...The sad part is that the suspense is there only for the characters in the film. For the viewers, it doesn’t take more than minimal common sense to realize who is playing the manipulative game in the movie’s plot.... full review

Thumbs down by Prema K., ...Nothing new about the film. Add to this a lack luster star cast and obviously you have a flop in your hands.... full review

Thumbs down by Sanjay Ram, Business of Cinema ...With corny dialogues the movie is a bumme... full review

Thumbs down Cybernoon ...Bhatt gives the film a dark, rainy, ‘arty’ look, which, frankly, in a film like this is a waste of the cinematographer and lab guys’ effort.... full review

Thumbs down by Angel Rani, Deccan Herald ...He leisurely introduces a murder angle, sadly your little brain spoils all the fun by spotting the killer from a mile.... full review

Thumbs down by Aprajita Anil, Express India ...Celina! Well the lesser said, the better it would be.... full review

So-So by Martin D'Souza, ...Displaying innocence when needed and aggression along with her passionate scenes, Celina impresses.... full review

Thumbs down by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live ...Believe me, I've read class five essays that are better written... full review

Thumbs down by Taran Adarsh, IndiaFM ...Most importantly, the writing [story-screenplay: Manoj Tyagi] is outright tacky. It vacillates between komsi-komsa to amateurish to confused.... full review

Thumbs down by Abhijit Mhamunkar, ...The story can be predicted in the first 15 minutes itself... full review

Thumbs down by Vaibhav Wankhede, M TV ...RED will make the audience see red with all the awkward kissing... full review

Thumbs down by, Movie Talkies ...A film noir that is dark and stylish in texture but low on mystery... full review

Thumbs down by Subhash K Jha, Now ...The first-half of this blessedly brief movie moves at a fairly frisky pace.... full review

Thumbs down by Ashok Nayak, Now ...Much improved from her previous performances... full review

Thumbs down by Komal Mehta, Rediff ...The rest of the movie is plain Sex. Murder. Sex. A Song. Police. More Sex. Then more Murder.... full review

Thumbs down by Naomi Datta, Times Now ... To call Red pedestrian would be to compliment it.... full review

Thumbs down by Nikhat Kazmi, Times of India ... It's neither edge-of-the-seat, nor intense and dark.... full review