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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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Episode 2 is all that the first one wasn’t. It has a coherent story, it makes an attempt at character development. Actors rise above the stylization and actually put up a good performance, across the board. Alas, the excess use of slow-motion competes too hard with the story and unfortunately at times the story loses the battle.



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46 tweeters have given Rakht Charitra 2 reprise an average rating of 3.4/5.0(?)

24 yays
8 nays
14 so-so
  • yemparala9: Watched RC2, surya action is super. Ramu failed on direction department.
  • wildhog007: wow rc2 rocks surya's mind blowing acting
  • venkatravikanti: Orange sucks....and again rc2 stood again as only movie that's hit through out year. Over all in this year only three r hit. Robot,rc1 n rc2
  • vaibhav_itsme: watched #RC2 ...really gud...@rgvzoomin carried the emotions very well..kudos :)
  • thevikrammehta: Saw RC2, definitely not as engaging as RC1...vivek n surya were top class!
  • therises: i saw RC2 it is super
  • sureshDondapati: Went to rc2. Nice but not as rc1
  • sundernagesh: RC2 on the first day.:-)..rgv sure has come back..surya clearly clinches da mvie frm evry1.wht performance..
  • sriharsha_: RC-2 #Suriya never before never again action.. Racha rachaa.. a bit slow narrations i liked RC1 more than RC2 @RGVzoomin
  • sphanikumar: RC2- 2.5/5. Topic is over. :-)
  • sksarraju: Loved RC2.First tym I saw a mvie vch shows gr8 depth in evry scene & emotion! Gr8 wrk @RGVzoomin @vivek_oberoi & lst bt nt da least Suri'ya!
  • sharifsheiks: RC2 is a must watch film for those who have seen RC1
  • saratcse: RC2 is just an average flick.. It might be due to high expectations
  • saratcse: RC2 is not as good as RC1.. RGV failed(feared?) to elevate the negative side of Paritala ravi in the second part
  • SankarKrish: RC2 - Disappointment. Better luck next time Surya
  • sadityareddy: Watched rc2... Surya superb....simply superb
  • RsCHARAN001: RC2 ..............FLOP
  • ramMyinside: i liked the camera angle, slow motion, music #RC2
  • praveenschumi: RC2- Jeevi rating 3/5 :) http://idlebrain.com/movie/archive/mr-raktacharitra2.html
  • pranavvvv: rc2 was superb ....wat is ur next [email protected]_oberoi
  • pranavvvv: Rc2 was superb
  • pavnraje: Awesome rc2 .. Must watch movie...
  • pardhu_guduru: Rc2 movie is gud guys . Surya action is super. Varma taking not bad. Most of film runs in slow motion
  • pardespradeep: RC2 IS OK CAN C 1CE...suriya is super and the movie is al abt suriya only and ha vivek too... @Nitish_blue
  • nithin1989: strong performances from surya vivek oberoi n sudeep...liked rc2...much better than rc1...missed bukka reddy though....:D
  • natlasreedhar: Rc2 my rating 4/5..mature,intense,thrilling,known story told very dramatically..sure RGV lives up to his reputation
  • narendrabendi: RC2-dragg'g'slow motion',fictionalized account f vents lead'g2Paritala's murder-did not create the impact as the 1st one-disappointed y yRGV
  • muralilive: RGV ROCKS ....... RC2 IS SIMPLE SUPER...........!
  • Mepraneeth13: RC2, Plus: surya, vivek oberoi, moddu seenu. Minus: dragging, songs... Rating: 3.25/5
  • manichand255: fabulous direction by rama gopal varma and outstanding perfomance by surya rc2 rocks.......
  • ktsingbdok: I wonder if Ram Gopal Verma has lost it! RC2 was pathetic. Evrythng is overdone
  • krishna2468: I saw RC2, second half completes on dull note. Over all just ok flick. But must watch RGV fans.
  • kalidasforever: Loved RC2 amazing performance by Surya.. great story telling [email protected] Sir if anyday i become a director will cast you as Hero.. Pls !!
  • ichekoti: RC-2 did not meet expectations..even RGV could not handle the movie. Rc2 is total fiction nothing original never expected this of RGV...:-(
  • iam_kiran: watched RC2 .what a direction,superb acting by suriya.but it would b btr if der was truth in d mvie. rather than keeping all false.
  • gsvamsi: saw rc2 today and acting is amazing but the mvie lacks appreciation compared to first mvie....
  • G1prakash: just now i saw raktacharitra 2(RC2), cinema ok just for once, finally RC2<<<<RC1.
  • dinnu009: Saw RC2 yesterday night superb movie SURYA at his best !! one more gud movie from Ramu garu !!!
  • crohitreddy: watched rc2 itz gud............
  • chandranagendra: rc2 is not bad
  • Chaitu_Kommini: hav seen cuple of movies....one is orange n its not all a range love story its mere hype....n RC2 as usual its got varma's magic n a gud seq
  • Ayush_RedDevil: RC2 not as good as the first but still a good movie , terrific story overall
  • aryaanil: 4u @iamanjansen [email protected]: RC2 is superb! loved Suriya's performance. Totly mesmerizd by Priyamani. http://bit.ly/eat3GK @lawrenceandmayo
  • anil_6203: watched KHJJS nd RC 2...khjjs is good movie nd today i knew d meaning of VANDE MATARAM..badhane nai game.RC2 was nt interesting like part 1.
  • anilmanoj: watched RC2(not bad)... jst got bk to home!!
  • abhishekan: Rc2 works vth viveks spontanous performance he delivered outtt standing performance:-) he lived in d charecter of pratap ravi:-) commendable