Race - Preview

wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?)
quick review:

A couple of not-so-unique yet brilliantly done action sequences and a few breathtaking aerial shots might make you want to watch in the theaters. But the acting, the merry-go-round plot twists, and the dialogues are barely average.



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NOT A REVIEW (just my thoughts before the release)

Race has got its audience hooked with its slick promos and peppy music. Even its romantic number "pehli nazar" has a certain lilt about it that has everyone from the radio jockeys to my 6 year-old son humming it.

Unfortunately, however, there is no interesting information other than the synopsis and character sketches floating around the net. The 7.4MB press-kit (Downloads) on the official web-site too is geared more towards people who are interested in ogling at the extremely good-looking cast. Of course, we do have a write-up on the director duo and the producers, but nothing new on the movie. Anyway, here's hoping that the movie is more than just the cast looking good.