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A war movie, a relatively lesser known independence story, a court room drama. An intense story yet not an 100% immersive experience.



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77 tweeters have given Raag Desh an average rating of 4.8/5.0(?)

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  • zutu_01: So Raag desh by @dirtigmanshu is the awesomest Hindi History movie ever. Must watch it. #Amaze #pieceofart #raagdesh
  • wackysingh: Gaddari ki koi maafi nahi hoti. Brilliant acting @mohitsmarwah #RaagDesh 3 Cheers.
  • tomarneha91: [email protected] @TheAmitSadh & @kapoorkkunal @mohitsmarwah great job guys! #IndianNationalArmy truly believes in #RaagDesh & no religion.
  • thepoliticonat: #raagdesh movie review: A #patriotic tale that is totally worth your time @kapoorkkunal @mohitsmarwah @TheAmitSadh https://t.co/IYKbHf02Sj
  • surajaxom: Must Watch Movies: Indu Sarkar Raag Desh Partition 1947
  • Supriya23bh: A must watch movie #RaagDesh https://t.co/tVStZp7d58
  • sumantbanerji: Take a bow @dirtigmanshu #raagdesh is one of the better movies to come out this year.very well told story of the unsung heroes.more power 2u
  • starguddu1: #RaagDesh देखने योग्य एक अच्छी movie Good initiative by @rajyasabhatv . Good work by @dirtigmanshu & team https://t.co/uuHRrXSWb5
  • sreeramchaulia: My review of the outstanding historic film #RaagDesh @rajyasabhatv https://t.co/Ie6y0Bf6ls
  • singhvarun31: YUP. Raag Desh is a Riveting Retelling Of India’s Unsung Heroes, Missing this Movie is a Crime https://t.co/melFxSQcKP via @frustindian
  • shail6418: Movie Raag desh Must watch Real true incident for India independence salute to Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Sethumadhavan: #Raagdesh-All said & done its worth a watch, reminding us of how there are many such stories from our past that would look so good on screen
  • Satish22: The youth must watch RaagDesh !! @dirtigmanshu https://t.co/6JHxEulL5E
  • sanjaymmmec: Raag Desh - A must watch movie. Recreation of the famous INA case which was fought in Red Fort. Disappointed to... https://t.co/XGbqRFPkiY
  • samarjodha: Your Sunday watch @dirtigmanshu watch how history unfolds! via @htTweets https://t.co/EU58xHq3py
  • RoflSinghSaab_: Raag Desh dekhna yaaro, zaruri hai. Jai Hind!
  • Ridhipb: One word..BRILLIANT!!!
  • RaisinaHill: Another great movie from the basket of Tigmanshu Dhulia. #raagdesh
  • RahulKatyayan: #RaagDesh is a must watch for every Indian, movies busts many myths. Hats off @dirtigmanshu for raising the bar of Indian cinema
  • quizzicalguy: #RaagDesh is a terrible movie. Music is terrible too. Another disappointment after Rangoon.
  • Proudindia03: #raagdesh best movie ever saw. Everything was just perfect. Awesome acting.
  • Priyank_vyas_7: Just watched #RaagDesh. Fantastic job by each and every one #subhashchandrabose
  • Priyank_devil: Not a typical Tigmanshu's film, failed to keep pace. Laptop movie. #Raagdesh
  • Priyank11474094: #raagdesh such a wonderful movie. Our history textbooks must b rewritten wd a special chapter on #INA and #netaji
  • prabhatkhabar: #Film_Review : अनछुए विषय को शानदार तरीके से पेश करती है #Raagdesh https://t.co/VboqGoZtHT #TigmanshuDhulia… https://t.co/mA1qPXhF27
  • phreckledsuga: Watched a nice movie today. Moved to the core. #RaagDesh
  • PantheraTigris0: Raag Desh is a excellent movie made by Tigmanshu Dhulia ji. A must watch for every person who loves mother India.
  • PagariyaShubham: Raag desh an Absolutely Amazing Patriotic Sensible and Worth Watch flick
  • op_singh: Raag Desh movie review: Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadh and Mohit Marwah starrer is the most honest if not the most... https://t.co/iB4kFSAHT8
  • MukeshChhabraCC: #MustWatch movie of 2017 #RaagDesh @TheAmitSadh #KunalKapoor @dirtigmanshu @CastingChhabra https://t.co/OhtWJGbRG0
  • MiraFakhoury: The dialogues of the film will hit you right where it needs to hit. #RaagDesh
  • mb4uli: #Film_Review : अनछुए विषय को शानदार तरीके से पेश करती है #Raagdesh https://t.co/09ZQLfMso7
  • ManasMitul: things most of us know. Raag Desh wasn't bad, but it had the potential to be so much better. That irks me most. Goddammit.
  • maheepkapoor: #Raagdesh is a must watch! Super interesting !Great performances by all.A film for all patriotic's
  • luvClebs: Raag Desh Review: Intelligent and brilliant! @ https://t.co/M0rEdZgShL https://t.co/1HJR0t026w
  • lifeisbetter: Very well written Poulomi. RaagDesh made me cry quite a few times and interestingly, it was not by the narration... https://t.co/SQqYGEuwtQ
  • leenathakur: #RaagDesh portrays the fact that freedom is not an effort of handful of people we know but many unsung heroes.
  • kuttaiclub: #Interval U don't need huge budget, VFX or big stars to tell a human story Goosebumps 5/5 #RaagDesh… https://t.co/ZX9rHYx2FM
  • KhooniBhai: Remember, Go for #RaagDesh or #InduSarkar this weekend... Not #Mubarakan . #NawazSharif #NitishKumar #NitishGharWapsi #ModiPunishesPak
  • kch_bhi_bkwaas: Really disheartening that #RaagDesh got few screens I can say @dirtigmanshu will not let you down... #GoandWatch
  • jjnavinash: Just scene #raagdesh, nice movie.
  • jijintj: Critically acclaimed and a class #Ragdesh with good rating 3.3/5. @MrudulaMurali and @kapoorkkunal great in the movie. Overwhelming class
  • Jhansikasher: Enjoyed #raagdesh @dirtigmanshu Information overload, but good. Vry nice performances, specially Kunal who had the weakest role, but still.
  • jaynaidu87: Just saw #raagdesh ....something different ...a strong reminder of the historic sacrifices that led to free India. Worth a watch
  • J1AP9: Why is no one talking about this amazing movie. Will show to school kids when the DVD comes out. It's a must see.… https://t.co/nheQABZBOF
  • itsvijayjavir: This years my favorite movies #LipstickUnderMyBurkha #BegumJaan #InduSarkar & #RaagDesh From me⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and More for this movie.
  • iHrithik: Kunu,u were so good in #RaagDesh man.So controlled yet easy. Proud. Loved all d performances .Well done n good luck 2d team! @kapoorkkunal
  • IAmSudhirMishra: Two directors taken on two different chapters in Indian History.Raag Desh n Indu Sircar are brave but also exciting,riveting films.Taaliyan!
  • Hyd_Nawab: For a while I forgot that I was in 2017! The movie #RaagDesh took my in 1940s. @TheAmitSadh and @kapoorkkunal are too good. TY @dirtigmanshu
  • geetaslist: #RaagDesh interesting to see it after #Dunkirk - two perspectives of the same war.
  • geetanjali_a: Patriots, those interested in history and those that like a good story must watch...wonder who that leaves actually!! watch #raagdesh
  • gauravkrai: my review of #RaagDesh देश का राग,अपने असली सुर में! [3/5]@mohitsmarwah @kapoorkkunal @RaagDeshTheFilm @dirtigmanshu https://t.co/BofZGSdk5r
  • ETPanache: .@kapoorkkunal, #MohitMarwah, #AmitSadh deliver realistic performances. @RaagDeshTheFilm https://t.co/DAJCmQBn6E
  • ef4522238e334e5: Raag desh movie must watch.... Nice movie
  • Drsureshwadiyar: Just saw RAAG DESH movie with wife nice movie it is.just refresh our minds.
  • DrChitrani: The poignant tale of INA trials brought beautifully on screen by @dirtigmanshu .#RaagDesh infuses just the right amount of patriotism!
  • doc2poet: Movies like Raagdesh are not bound star ratings. It is not meant for entertainment. It is a phenomenon, a true... https://t.co/Wg1lJZFZFI
  • dishaerkhoje: JUST WATCHED "RAAG DESH" what a beautiful move. PLZ MUST WATCH
  • debsnroses: Still feeling perplexed by #Raagdesh.. what a clash of emotions and realpolitik and patriotism.. @dirtigmanshu you genius !!
  • ClGPG1uycNOzxqA: Raagdesh is a film about our history and heroes. Great story and excellent performances. Well done @kapoorkkunal
  • Blush_Channel: #BlushVerdict @RaagDeshTheFilm is a welcome throwback to the Red Fort Trials. @mohitmarwah is a treat to watch. https://t.co/YrPn27srsD
  • BhuvanLall: #RaagDesh Delighted to see that the universe is lighting up with the untold stories of Indian Freedom Movement and… https://t.co/0Vd0PY7V3s
  • AVM_1111: #RaagDesh - A must watch !!
  • AvinChhangani: Saw 'Raag Desh' yesterday. In a sense, I'm glad that a movie was made on the subject, but otherwise, it didn't live up to the expectations.
  • asherkeval: .#Raagdesh Movie Review: A Probing Epic On India's Freedom Struggle Rating: 3.5/5 https://t.co/FJAfFdFbAa https://t.co/ycHyqsC8S4
  • archanamohta135: What a treat to watch such rich history of
  • ankitmodi25: #INAZindabaad #RaagDesh One more masterpiece by @dirtigmanshu Must watch for all to know how INA give contributed in Aajaadi #VandeMataram
  • anjanab17: Saw'Raag desh',awesome movie,must say the reviews of the flim are baised,it's not a [email protected]/2 star movie,it is beyond stars.Jai Hind.
  • anishmohanty: #RaagDesh is a very well-researched film that makes you feel as if you are a part of the era the film is set in. @dirtigmanshu
  • aniket0608: What a moving experience it was to watch RAAG DESH!!! SUPERB @dirtigmanshu sir Thanks a lot!
  • amitabhadubey: 'रागदेश' के संग जश्न ए आज़ादी…!!! #Raagdesh #Rstv https://t.co/tqv0BxCjGG
  • aksheevthakur: #RaagDesh is a movie to be watched. exceptionally good. @mohitsmarwah @kapoorkkunal @AmitShah @dirtigmanshu gave us a classic
  • Akshay0beroi: Watched #RaagDesh. What incredible performances. Special shot out to @kapoorkkunal! Absolutely smashed it.
  • achyutha: Raag Desh Review: Intelligent and brilliant! https://t.co/KPuttkmQkk
  • abhisek_s: Mom, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jagga Jasoos, War for the Planet of the Apes, Dunkirk, Lipstick Under My Burkha, Raag Desh. July was awesome.
  • AbhiRss009: #Raag Desh is a good movie सुभाष चंद् बोस जी जय भारत
  • 01rahulgaur: Paisa wasool movie ...everything was perfect. Specially @TheAmitSadh fad diya yr...everybody did a great job #RaagDesh must watch...