Phoonk - Preview

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RGV dons new avatar. He’s now moved on to comedies. Ok, not 100% comedies because there are 2 strong serious scenes which put a plug on the most natural sounding laughter track playing in the audience



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NOT A REVIEW - Just getting all set to be scared and to question my beliefs...

I have not been a huge fan of horror movies. I can't handle the creeps given by a spooky background score, along with a camera following the character, to imply someone's following the said character. The tension gets too much. Over time though, I have grown some nerves and have come to handle gore, and remind myself that the characters are not going to jump out of the screen. Nevertheless, what the director Ram Gopal Varma says about Phoonk in his interview with Baradwaj Rangan, comes as a relief -

The interesting part for me is that it’s beyond a horror film, beyond the “scary” genre. It is very scary, because of the backdrop itself, but the more interesting part – which I think is novel in such a film – is that I’m hoping it will create a debate among both believers and non-believers.

Wow! The motivation is really intriguing. Any movie that bases its plot on a theological, philosophical or psychological debate is not only commendable in the current realm of Hindi cinema, but also can be extremely fascinating in absolute terms. The official site goes on to say -

"Phoonk" is the story of a confirmed atheist whose belief systems are shaken up when his loved ones are subjected to unspeakable horrors by forces whose very existence his rational mind refuses to accept. It is also the story of a fanatical devotee who is forced to turn her back on God in the face of traumatic experiences.

And on his blog -

In "Phoonk" I attempted to use the above aspects of human psychology to accentuate fear. I went to the extent of attempting to make people feel not safe even with idols of Gods around.

My beliefs lie somewhere in between. So, it will be very interesting to see how I react to the movie, and whether I'm able to identify with either of them.

Meanwhile, can't stop laughing at this one on RGV's blog

Comment: I think watching Aag will be scarier than Phoonk. RGV's Ans: Let’s make a deal. If you shut up about Aag, I swear on your mother that I won’t make another Aag.

Really? I mean, really, really!?