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What can you say, when a movie hits all the right chords? Fabulous acting, nice compact script, very focussed direction. If I have to knit-pick I would say the things that didn't work were the aimless talk about Gandhiji's philosophy and the role of the American - only because his character's purpose was not explained properly - though I have my own ideas about the latter.



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Plot Summary

Cyrus (Naseeruddin Shah) and Shernaaz (Sarika) with their children Parzan (Farzan Dastoor) and Dilshaad are a content family living in a small town in Gujarat. Theirs is a typical middle-class normal life when one fine day a train is burnt down in Godhra (as an act of terrorism) and riots break out all over the place including their village. Thereafter, their life never goes back to normal.