Pappu can't dance saala - Preview

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Pappu can't even make me laugh saala! Unfortunately, Pappu Can't Dance Saala is not worth it despite Vinay Pathak.



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Light or romantic comedies about people coming from the middle-class seem like they were from ages ago. From the age of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee. From the synopsis, Pappu Can't Dance Saala looks like a modern-day version of those stories. With an even-more "busting out of its seams" Mumbai, the small-town / big-city divide seems to have gotten only larger as the next generation has been born and brought up in the big city against the earlier generation which most likely had moved in from a smaller town. And since it is contemporary, these stories make me look forward to them even more given the glitz we are mostly served.

But given that Vinay Pathak is playing the village, moralistic soul stuck in horrifying big, bad Mumbai, you can't help the "already-seen" feeling the synopsis gives you. Add to that, the fact that the trailer does nothing to engage you -

The same old quibbles, the same old exaggeration of the unabashed city girl and the simple small town boy. The same old getting used to each other and starting to care for each other, the same old wanting to be with each other despite differences.

Further, another downer is that there is a pretext to have song and dance in the film, the lead lady is a dancer in a popular dance group. From where we are looking at, right now, it just looks like an excuse to get commercial elements in a non-high-profile film. (The music has released only recently and not one music review is available.)

Not to mention, the director Saurabh Shukla has the track record of making films that have interesting concepts but are average in execution or getting you engaged. And Pappu Can't Dance Saala doesn't even have an interesting concept. So, it will all depend on how it's executed and whether or not the details manage to get you involved.

Yet, there is one element in the film that makes me feel like watching it - Vinay Pathak. I think I can watch him do more of the same, just one more time.