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Audience is sensitized to the circumstances that create a terrorist. But, it is padded with fluff that is typical of Hindi cinema - songs, colors & happy faces. And this fluff is more in the narration rather than the basic plot itself. That with the predictable dialogues and turn of events makes this a little less watchable than it could have been. All set right in the second half though.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just controlling myself from getting too excited about the "biggest" release in over two months...

No bets need to be placed that New York will start off as the usual Yash Raj extra-sweet personalities and relationships with a backdrop of guess what? NEW YORK! This time Aditya Chopra has a full-blown, viable reason for shooting in the city that is 'considered the center of the world' (as per the synopsis on the official site). You have your doubts? Watch this -

Jokes apart, there is huge potential for a good movie out of Kabir Khan, the giver of Kabul Express. Social relevance with a sizable dose of fun is always welcome.

Also a story written by Aditya Chopra usually tries to do justice to the lead ladies. Whether plausible or not, likeable or not, digestible or not - is a complete different issue. But Adi's women characters are something I look forward to. And to see Katrina Kaif doing something more than just looking pretty is going to be a refreshing change. In the director's own words,

Katrina is a surprise package in the film. No one would have seen her in this new avatar - deglamourised, no make-up and a real meaty role. She has been a revelation.

Sure, John Abraham is not remotely the best talent we have around. But, if directed well and put in a decent story, he manages to pass by. There's more hope when he's heard in a TV interview saying something to the effect, "if the audience comes out of the theater thinking about me nude and not about the situation I was in, the film has failed. I as an actor have failed." Fascinating coming from John. It will also be interesting to see Neil Nitin Mukesh play what looks like second fiddle.

It all comes down to the story which has terrorism and its effect on people and relationships. It sounds like a very humane, very sensitive plot. According to John it is -

I feel there is always a reason for someone to behave irrationally. That is what 'New York' is about.

Hope it has less of establishing the relationship between the three friends in happy songs and occasions and more on the conflict and believable resolution. Balance between what is thought as crowd-pleasing and intelligent story-telling. This in John Abraham's words sums it up,

Yes, this is not the jingoistic, America bashing film. It is a very unbiased way of (showing) what happened in America post- 9/11 and the way America looks at a certain section of a community and the way that community looks at America. "We are also trying to tell a story that is commercial enough to be called a commercial Hindi film. The basic subtext of the plot is very different but the way it has come across is very peppy.

Under the direction of Kabir Khan we saw some awesome cinematography and editing earlier, I hope that, at the very least, won't go away.

Yeah, looks like my expectations are high. But then again, the YR banner has been known to screw up many a good story with bright colors and dances. Fingers crossed and blank slate gearing up fpr this Friday.

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