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Yet another crime drama about the goon-police nexus in the Mumbai underworld. Yawn



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21 tweeters have given Mumbai Mirror an average rating of 2.0/5.0(?)

7 yays
11 nays
3 so-so
  • _MMurray: Mumbai mirror was an excellent film..
  • WannabeEngineer: Mumbai Mirror is an underrated movie. Correct me if I wrong.
  • thangeram: chya aila Pune 52 baghayla gelo.....mumbai mirror baghun aalo.... dok dukhtay khup....errrrrr :(
  • sunil_ss7: Mumbai Mirror film is so bad that the Newspaper agencies would sue them for using their name.
  • SteveUnknown: What exactly was 'Mumbai Mirror' suppose to be about?! What a disjointed, messy film :/ Such a poorly written script...
  • sjoshipura: Ok . So Mumbai Mirror is A Bad Film !
  • simonsaybrams: Other guy left at the two hour mark. Wouldn't say he missed much but MUMBAI MIRROR is kinda fun, in its own tacky way.
  • rohansneha: Mumbai Mirror: Lot of such movies with COP/Drugs nexus. Slow first half. Nothing special.
  • ravikishann: Watchd Mumbai mirror luvd the film. Maza aa Gaya. Fresh.
  • RAGHVENDRA008: Mumbai mirror totally bakwaas movie.
  • RadioWhiskey_: RadioWhiskey rating for 'Mumbai Mirror': 0.25/5. PS: Pls donate your ticket price amount to some fakir. At least you'll get some duaayein!
  • pulseleaks: Mumbai Mirror Movie Review: Film: Mumbai Mirror Rating: 2.5/5 Starring: Sachiin Joshi,Gihani Khan, Vimla...
  • proudindian76: Went for "Mumbai Mirror" yesternoon, quite a gud movie. A typical Maharashtra based story it's. Prakash Raj, Sachin, Vimala Raman did well!
  • one_by_two: I think the correct punishment for Lance Armstrong would be that he has to watch 'Inkaar' and 'Mumbai Mirror' back to back today.
  • mrajabali440: Yesterday I saw mumbai's good I should give 2.5 *.suspense movie with boom action..
  • KanuniAadmi: Mumbai Mirror movie was worth a 60 bucks, though it had some bits of Bhojpuri Porn. :P
  • jstvinod: Mumbai Mirror review: What’s Good: The unintentional comedy. What’s Bad: The foolish story and script; 1.5/5
  • iSameeirr: Tip of the day : Do not watch Mumbai Mirror.
  • Holly2Bollywood: Must watch movies this weekend - Hollywood -> Mama, Bollywood -> Mumbai Mirror #Hollywood2Bollywood
  • hitendrapratap3: guys just watch mumbai mirror it's a very good conceptial movie
  • deepak_saini_dk: Mumbai mirror is quite boring movie wtf