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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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As refreshingly simple as is poignant, as much about death as it is about daily life, as sombre as is spirited. Mukti Bhawan seems slow yet engages.



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  • salman3126: Folks “Mukti Bhawan” is an instant classic that will remain in my mind till I find myself in my own weary days.
  • sadhvijayaraman: Mukti Bhavan is a special movie. Its characters will stay with you long after you'd stop expecting them to.
  • plumpernickel: So Mukti Bhavan. Horribly slow and fake deep. Also, has anyone had enough of movies set in Banaras?
  • pjptl55: Mukti Bhawan is an absolute treat for Bollywood lovers. Its a brilliant movie with a magnificent star cast.
  • Navjotalive: Mukti Bhavan is a very competent debut by @shubhashishb and a must watch for the way he has captured burning issue for all of us, Death.
  • HighonFilmz: Death takes a life but returns the lost compassion @Subhashishbh's @MuktiBhawan is a great film. @_AdilHussain
  • AnupamkPandey: Excellent & a must watch movie @MuktiBhawan || Thanks for your efforts @_AdilHussain for spreading message about "Mukti Bhawan, Varanasi".
  • AnkeshSaha: Mukti Bhawan, delightful movie about death, Indian Family. Nuances of reality , wonderfully stitched together. Go watch it.
  • Abhishek_rawat5: Mukti Bhawan is super and best .