Masaan - Preview

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Despite being set in a crematorium and having a sense of morbidity throughout, Masaan isn't grim. Nor is it gay despite its wit. Masaan carries equanimity of sorts in the “life is what it is” kind of a way with simplicity and flair in equal measure.



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I am always up for an indie film. There is a freshness about the saddest of them too. Not only a new approach to film-making with a “different” story to tell, but more often than not, they have a unique point of view too – carrying a voice of their own.

Masaan's trailer indicates that it is just that, along with the usual assurance that an indie film has great performances and above average dialogue.

A story about a woman from a small-town, lower middle class family inadvertently getting into a soup with the cops is hardly new. But, it looks like this one has a take that is different from the norm of her giving it back full throttle. I'm hoping for an experience that won't be novel but will stay with me for a while after I am out of the theater. Then again, that is always my hope.

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